Supergirl season 6 is pushed to later in the 2020-2021 schedule on The CW

Supergirl season 6 won’t premiere until the new midseason in 2021 on The CW

When The CW announced that the usual fall schedule would be pushed to January 2021, that wasn’t all that surprising. However, what was surprising was that Supergirl season 6 wasn’t on the list of shows premiering right away.

The DC series is being held until the new “midseason,” according to TVLine. This will likely mean it premieres in spring or summer 2021 due to the way the schedule is going to have to work.

It’s not because the young adult network doesn’t have faith in the Super Friends. On the contrary, this is to do with behind-the-scenes. Lead actress Melissa Benoist is pregnant and will be heavily pregnant/on maternity leave by the time it comes to filming. Rather than try to hide the pregnancy and have to take a break, The CW thought it wiser to hold the series for the midseason.

Had it been a normal season, we’d have likely seen the show premiere in the fall and take a longer break midseason. This would have made space in the schedule for new shows to premiere. The final episodes of the season could have aired in the spring, similarly to the way 9-1-1 on FOX works.

The good news is that we won’t be without a show set within the world of Kara and her friends. Supergirl‘s spin-off, Superman & Lois, is set to premiere in January 2021.

Instead of Sundays being taken up with Batwoman and SupergirlCharmed season 3 will take up the second hour in the Sunday night timeslot. It’s possible that the show will relinquish that slot for Supergirl season 6 in the spring or summer.

Of course, all this depends on the current coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, shows can start filming in late summer or early fall. This will allow enough time for post-production to get shows ready for January 2021. The CW will have to change the schedule if that doesn’t happen.

Supergirl season 6 will return in the 2020-2021 season on The CW but not until later into the year. It will mean a later release on Netflix.

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