The Flash season 7 delayed until January 2021

The Flash season 7 premiere date pushed to January 2021 because of coronavirus

If you were hoping to see The Flash season 7 on The CW in the fall, we have some bad news.

The Flash season 7 premiere date has been bumped to the midseason, January 2021, according to a report from Deadline. The CW has moved all of its fall TV lineup to the midseason, including Riverdale season 4, All American season 3, and more, to give the shows more time to film episodes.

Although it’s unconfirmed, we’re still expecting 22 episodes in The Flash season 7. Deadline reported that seasons with the 22 episodes would likely end in July or August 2021.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. With the current production stoppage, it was always a little dicey that the seasons would be ready for the usual October premiere. Like many of The CW shows, production on the new season usually begins in July.

With production still shut down, writers rooms meeting virtually, and all of the travel involved with these productions, it was going to be a pretty tight window to fit in production on the new season. This move gives shows much more time to get back to work.

Hopefully, this extended break between seasons will allow the cast, creative teams and crew to return to production later in the year if and when it’s much safer to do so.

The Flash, like many shows, was forced to end its current season early. There were three episodes left in season 6 when production was shut down, so the rest of season 6’s story will be added to season 7.

The Flash season 6 is scheduled to hit Netflix on Wednesday, May 20.

The Flash season 7 Netflix release date

Many of our readers watch The Flash exclusively on Netflix, so The Flash season 7 Netflix release date is really important.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when exactly The Flash season 7 is headed to Netflix, but we have a pretty good idea when to expect the new season.

The Deadline report mentioned that, if the new season is 22 episodes AND there are no further production delays, we can expect to see the season end in July or August 2021.

New seasons of The Flash are added to Netflix exactly eight days after the season finale airs on The CW. So, we should see season 7 on the streaming service in July or August 2021.

That’s the best we can do to predict The Flash season 7 release date on Netflix right now.

This is a developing situation, and we’ll be sure to let you know more about the season 7 premiere and its release date on Netflix as we find out.

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