The Great is coming to Hulu tonight

What do you think about satirical historical fiction? If you loved The Favourite, you’re going to want to check out Hulu’s The Great, which coming tonight.

Hulu is trying out a new style of original. It’s opting for the satirical historical fiction genre in the form of miniseries The Great. You can watch The Great on Hulu tonight.

Like other Hulu originals, the series will be available at midnight ET. That means those on the west coast get it a little earlier than expected. You’ll be able to watch the series from 9 p.m. PT on Thursday, May 14.

Hulu sometimes releases its originals weekly, but it’s changed things up during the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from Little Fires Everywhere, most releases have been in one binge. That’s how The Great is working, so you’ll be able 10 episodes in one go.

For those who love satirical comedies, this is certainly for you. It’s most definitely not historically accurate and created purely for fun (although there are the odd historical facts added in here and there). If you like your content accurate to the past, then you’re not the intended audience for this. Those who loved The Favourite will fall in love with The Great.

Starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, the series follows Catherine the Great before she was known by anyone. The dramedy follows Catherine the Nothing, who is an idealistic and romantic young girl. When she arrives in Russia for an arranged marriage, she has no idea what to really expect. She hopes for love and sunshine but finds out the country is dangerous and backward, and now she needs to find a way to survive.

There’s one way to do that: kill her husband. Oh, and she’ll need to beat the church and military at the same time while keeping the court on her side. It’s a simple journey to become Cathering the Great, right?

The Great is on Hulu tonight.