Lucifer season 4 is now available on DVD and Digital

Lucifer season 4 is officially available on DVD and Digitial, giving fans of the Netflix drama the chance to now own Lucifer: The Complete Fourth Season!

As we (impatiently) wait for Netflix to announced the premiere date for season 5, fans looking for a dose of their favorite supernatural drama are in luck. Lucifer season 4 has officially arrived on Digitial and DVD, allowing fans to add the latest season of the hit series to their home entertainment collection!

After FOX shockingly canceled its hit drama, Netflix stepped in to save the day in ordering Lucifer season 4 to series. Unlike some series which have made the jump from broadcast to Netflix — here’s looking at you Designated Survivor — the Lucifer writers did not disappoint with the show’s fourth season.

While they were indeed granted a bit more freedom in moving from broadcast to streaming, the writers remained true to the heart of the show and didn’t suddenly change everything just because they could. As a result, the show’s fandom helped to make the series one of Netflix’s most talked-about releases.

Season 4, of course, dealt with the fallout of Lucifer finally revealing his devil face to Chloe and the evolution of their relationship in wake of the moment. The season also introduced us to the original sinner Eve, who showed up out of the blue and stirred up her fair share of drama throughout the season.

Interested in adding Lucifer season 4 to your home entertainment collection, but unsure of what to expect? Here’s a quick look at what is known about the release.

Does the Lucifer season 4 DVD contain a gag reel?

When it comes to home entertainment releases, there’s nothing quite like the promise of a gag reel from the latest season. While they perhaps don’t provide any new in-season content, it’s always fun getting a look at the cast’s reactions to the occasional flubbed line and having some fun between takes.

Unfortunately, the season 4 collection does not include a gag reel. While the release does not include a gag reel, fans looking to enjoy some behind the scenes bloopers and hijinks can always head over to YouTube where you’ll find past highlights and funny moments shared by the cast.

Lucifer season 4 DVD bonus features

When it comes to bonus features, Lucifer season 4, unfortunately, does not have too many treats in store for fans; however, there are a few new additions offered by the release.

Although we would have loved to have seen a few bonus featurettes exploring key aspects of filming or a gag reel, the season 4 collection will include an unspecified number of deleted scenes from the season! Warner Bros. is generally good for including a solid number of deleted scenes on its releases which has us optimistic the season 4 collection will include a variety of deleted scenes from the season!

While perhaps not the same as new episodes, deleted scenes from season 4 should be the perfect way to whet our appetites as we await season 5’s arrival.

Lucifer season 4 DVD & Digitial pricing

According to the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment press releaseLucifer season 4 will be priced at $24.98 on both DVD and Digitial for those located stateside and $29.98 in Canada. If you happen to pick up the series during its first week, there is also a chance you might be able to save a few dollars as retailers are known to throw special promotions during titles’ first week.

Is Lucifer season 4 available on Blu-Ray?

Although little information is given about the Blu-Ray, Lucifer season 4 will indeed be available on Blu-Ray as well. While the pricing for the season’s Blu-Ray release is unclear, it’s likely the price will be close to the DVD and Digital price.

Will you be adding Lucifer: The Complete Fourth Season to your home entertainment collection?

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