Stranger Things season 4: 5 supporting characters who need to return

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Terry Ives

Terry Ives (Aimee Mullins) was first introduced in the first season of Stranger Things through newspaper clippings that showed she had involvement somehow with Dr. Brenner in some kind of experiment.

We learned a lot more about Terry and many fan theories were confirmed when Eleven went to visit her in Stranger Things 2. She was let into the house after revealing her powers to Becky Ives (Amy Seimetz), Terry’s sister. Through discussions with Becky and Eleven’s interactions with Terry, we see that Terry must have some sort of powers or at least some sort of potential for powers like Eleven. It is now pretty much confirmed that Terry is Eleven’s biological mother, and Eleven, or “Jane” as we learned, was taken from Terry shortly after her birth.

I would absolutely love to see more of Terry and Becky in Stranger Things season 4 (I kind of view them as a “package deal”). As fans remember, Eleven seemingly lost her powers at the end of Stranger Things 3 and there are many theories about what happened to them and if she would ever fully get them back. I wonder if some of this could be helped by Terry. There’s a large part of me that thinks Terry knows a whole lot more than we’ve learned from her so far. I think Eleven and the rest of the gang need to spend more time with her.

Unfortunately, Terry Ives is left reliving that same day when Eleven was taken over and over again,  or so it appears, but I really think she could hold a lot of answers for Eleven. I’m really hoping something in Stranger Things season 4 will lead Eleven and/or the others back to Terry and Becky’s place.