10 good Netflix shows to watch while you wait for Outer Banks season 2

Outer Banks Season 1. Courtesy of Netflix
Outer Banks Season 1. Courtesy of Netflix /

While you wait for Outer Banks season 2, you should watch Riverdale, On My Block, Stranger Things and more Netflix shows!

Outer Banks is the latest teen hit series from Netflix! After binge-watching the first season of the series starring Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey and Jonathan Daviss, you’re probably ready for another series!

We picked out the 10 best Netflix shows to watch while you wait for Outer Banks season 2!

There’s definitely something for everyone on the list! Let’s get the list started with everyone’s favorite teen drama, Riverdale! 


If you like Outer Banks, the next show you have to check out is Riverdale. The series is based on characters from the Archie Comics, but this slice of Americana is not for the faint of heart.

In the series, the small town of Riverdale is basically the murder capital of America. Teens, Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica and more are caught up in the violence and chaos, and they do their best to solve various mysteries and catch those responsible.

Riverdale is cheesy and very soapy, like Outer Banks in many ways, and it’s must-watch for fans of the teen dramas.

The first three seasons of Riverdale are on Netflix right now. Riverdale season 4 arrives on Thursday, May 14.


Bloodline is not a teen show, and I think it’s the only non-“teen” show on this list. It is, however, set in the Florida Keys, and the setting is definitely a character in the show, which is very similar to Outer Banks. 

The series tells the story of the Rayburn family who has to deal with the return of a family member who had been absent from the family for several years. Things hit the fan when he returns.

If you liked the thrilling elements of Outer Banks, along with the beautiful setting, Bloodline is the show for you!

On My Block, Netflix
ON MY BLOCK – Credit: Kevin Estrada/Netflix /

On My Block

Like Outer Banks, On My Block is another show about teens getting caught up in the hunt for some loot. The only real difference is the show is set in an LA neighborhood rather than off the coast of North Carolina.

On My Block is one of the best teen shows on Netflix (and all of TV!) right now, and you need to watch the first three seasons on the streaming service ASAP.

The Society

While the kids are running the show in Outer Banks, there is still a heavy adult influence. That’s not so in The Society. 

When all the adults in a Connecticut town disappear, the kids must band together to survive.

We’re still waiting on The Society season 2 on Netflix!

All American

Like On My Block, All American focuses on several teens in the Los Angeles area who are brought together through the game of football. While the premise depends on football, this show is all about the drama!

If you like the dramatic elements of Outer Banks, you’re going to love All American. The first two seasons are streaming on Netflix right now, and the third season is officially in the works at The CW.

Stranger Things season 4
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things

I don’t know if there are many left who haven’t seen Stranger Things, but if you are out there, this is your chance to watch the hit Netflix original series. What else could you possibly have to do right now anyway?

Stranger Things is the best teen show on TV right now, and it uses Goonies as an influence, just like Outer Banks. In fact, Goonies star Sean Astin even stars in Stranger Things 2!

The Stranger Things kids might not be hunting treasure, but there are a few similarities between them and the Pogues.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

While we’re on a “best teen shows” kick, we have to mention Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which takes place very close to Riverdale, although we haven’t seen an official crossover yet.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a much darker take on the “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” character, Sabrina Spellman. It has horror elements, but like Outer Banks, this show is very much about that drama.

Locke and Key

Locke and Key is another great teen series to check out on Netflix, especially if you’re a fan of fantasy and a little bit of magic.

After the death of their father, the Locke kids and their mom move into their father’s childhood home. There, they discover that the house is full of magical keys, but they aren’t the only ones who know about the keys. Someone or something is trying to find the keys, as well.

I Am Not Okay With This
I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS – Credit: Netflix /

I Am Not Okay With This

I love I Am Not Okay With This! I think it’s my favorite new Netflix show of the year so far.

The series tells the story of Sydney, a teen struggling through normal teen stuff, including the death of her father, her sexuality, and more. And, oh yeah, she also has uncontrollable superpowers that pick really bad times to come out to play.

This show is *chef’s kiss* perfect, and you need to watch it on Netflix right now.


My last pick on the list was canceled after one season, but that doesn’t take away from the magic.

Daybreak follows a group of teens trying to survive the apocalypse in Glendale, California after a bomb wiped out all the adults in town. Our story begins with Josh Wheeler, a youngster trying to find his girlfriend, Sam, after the explosion.

Of all the shows Netflix canceled, Daybreak hurts the most. There’s only the one season, and it’s well worth your time!

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