Pitch is finally available to stream on Hulu right now

Are you ready for some baseball? While all the games are canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can still catch a few games with Pitch on Hulu.

If you were a fan of Fox’s Pitch back in 2016 when it aired, you know the disappointment and upset that occurred when the announcement came that the show would not receive a second season. The show was groundbreaking for showing a Black woman as the first female to play in the MLB, and despite that, it was canceled.

While we have yet to reach the point in real life where women are playing in the MLB, the show was an escape many people loved. The blow of the cancellation hurt even more in the past couple years, because the show has not been available to stream unless you were willing to pay $14.99 for all the episodes through Amazon.

But our time has finally come, Pitch fans! The TV show is now available to stream on Hulu. So if you already have a Hulu subscription, what better way to spend your time than by binge-watched all ten episodes?

If you don’t have a subscription, this is the perfect moment to sign up for a free trial.

If you missed Pitch when it aired, it starred Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker, the new recruit to the San Diego Padres. With a near-perfect screwball pitch, it’s easy to see why the MLB was willing to break all their “rules” and give a woman a spot as a pitcher in the league.

Her rival/love interest, Mike Lawson, is played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar. The chemistry they have on the show is off the charts. Even when they’re at each other’s throats, you can cut the sexual tension with a knife.

But their relationship is not even half of what makes this series so stellar. It delves into the business side of the MLB  (it’s not just about the game) as well as sexism and racism Ginny has to deal with as the first Black woman in the league. The media and angry fans are always on the lookout for her to make a  mistake.

Each episode is also sprinkled with several emotional flashbacks showing how Ginny got to where she is today.

The rest of the cast includes Ali Larter, Mark Consuelos, Meagan Holder, Mo McRae, Tim Jo, and Dan Lauria.

If you haven’t seen Pitch or have been craving a re-watch since 2016, now’s the time. If you’re missing sports (especially baseball) since everything is shutdown due to the coronavirus. Pitch is the perfect show for you.   Let’s make sure it gets the numbers it deserves!

Will you be checking out Pitch on Hulu? Let us know in the comments below!

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