10 burning questions for The Last Kingdom season 5

The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix
The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix /
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5. Is this the last Uhtred has seen of his children?

Uhtred was left with both his children shown leaving him. His daughter chose to leave with Sigtryggr and his son went back to the church. At the end of The Last Kingdom season 4, Uhtred says that he may never see his children again, and he just has to accept that.

However, is it the last he’s seen of his children? Is it possible that either his son or daughter will return to him?

Of course, this is a question that we can answer by looking at the books. I’m not going to do that purely because the books have been condensed in a way that some storylines may never come up. It’s hard to say whether this is the last of the children.

I doubt it is, though. The show has a habit of bringing characters back from the past. We got Thyra back after two seasons of her not being seen. Gisela was gone for a few episodes while Uhtred was a slave, but she returned.

Of course, some characters have left and never returned. Mildreth chose a life as a nun and Uhtred hasn’t seen her since, but that’s because their storyline together came to a natural ending. There are a lot of hints that his children could come back. With Sigtryggr only in Northumbria, there are plenty of reasons for Uhtred and Stiorra to run into each other again at the very least.