5 questions to ask after How to Get Away with Murder season 6 episode 13

How to Get Away with Murder - Photo by Catrina Maxwell/Getty Images for SCAD
How to Get Away with Murder - Photo by Catrina Maxwell/Getty Images for SCAD /

This week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder is certainly one to remember, but while a lot was revealed, there are still questions that need answers.

Are y’all still alive after that How to Get Away with Murder episode? I thought the Sam thing was going to be a red herring, but I was so wrong. They were not kidding when they said this final season was a “killer” one.

The writers keep amping up the drama and it makes you wonder how wild the series finale will be. But while this episode answered a few questions and tied up a couple of loose ends, some things still need to be answered.

1. Does Frank know?

The biggest reveal of this season (and possibly the entire show) was that Frank is the son of Sam and his sister, Hannah. They had a sexual relationship while they were growing up. Annalise proved it when Tegan found out Hannah probably had a child in March.

Who was born in March while Hannah and Sam were in high school? Frank. So, Annalise tested Frank and Sam’s DNA and they were a match.

But does Frank know? Did he know Sam was his father? Based on the flashbacks, it doesn’t seem like he does, but the writers may be hiding something from us. Sam’s reaction to Frank dating Bonnie and why he didn’t want Frank to meet Hannah makes so much more sense now.

If Frank doesn’t know…it’s going to be one huge reveal.

2. How will this affect Bonnie?

Now that Bonnie knows that Frank is a child of incest, her relatively new relationship with him is bound to change. While they both have dark pasts, Bonnie may need some time to process this new information. And if Frank doesn’t know who he is and she has to hide it from him, it’s going to be even harder on her.

Bonnie might be a great liar most of the time, but Frank knows her better than most and he’s bound to see any walls she tries to put up. It’ll be interesting to see if these two actually get their happily ever after together or if they’re doomed to be alone.

3. What is the new deal for Michaela and Connor?

The other big moment in this episode was Michaela and Connor trying to negotiate a new deal with the FBI. After the FBI found out they told Annalise they were informants, they took away the first deal and offered them another.

While the show has yet to share the specifics of this deal, Michaela does say the new deal is filled with lies. What does she mean? Her and Connor must lie multiple times on the stand so they won’t be charged with multiple murders.

But what are the new stipulations? What must they lie about? And will they actually go through with it? Making anyone in the original Keating 5 do something they don’t want to do has never gone well.

4. Is Gabriel really leaving?

It also looks like this might be the last episode we see Gabriel Maddox. He is shown packing his things and talking with his mother about returning home. But is it the truth? This show loves to pull a bait and switch and Gabriel showing up where you least expect him is certainly a possibility.

Either way, Gabriel has been a great addition to an already stellar cast of characters. He may have not fit in with Annalise and the rest of her crew, but he definitely held his own. Hopefully, he has one more trick up his sleeve.

5. What comes next?

Next week is the trial we’ve all been waiting for and based on the preview, it’s going to be epic. Not only does it look like Laurel is finally back, but it also appears that Annalise is back where she belongs: in the courtroom.

Michaela and Connor may be on her side, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to go easy when questioning them. But with the amount of time they’ve spent with her, they should expect nothing less.

It also looks like Frank and Bonnie are going to have some kind of confrontation. It’s got to be about Frank’s origins, right? We’ll all have to wait until next week to find out.

How to Get Away with Murder airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC

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