The Half of It and 5 good movies to watch on Netflix in May 2020

The Half Of It - Leah Lewis, Alexxis Lemire - Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey
The Half Of It - Leah Lewis, Alexxis Lemire - Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey /

Cut out the overwhelming feeling of too much content on Netflix in May 2020 with this list of five good Netflix movies to watch.

There are many great new movies and TV shows being added to Netflix throughout May 2020. It gets overwhelming looking through the list for something to watch. If you just have time for five Netflix movies, we’ve picked out the best options.

There is something for everyone on this list. Whether you want to check out a YA rom-com, need an Adam Sandler comedy, or just want a thriller to send shivers down your spine, you’re covered. Here are five good movies to watch throughout the month of May.

5. Get In

We start with a French thriller that is now available to watch on Netflix. Get In focuses on a man, who returns home from vacation to find out that his home has been broken into. And this isn’t just a case of a burglar stealing his things. He finds out his home is now occupied by squatters.

Naturally, he will do everything he can to get his home back. The squatters will do everything they can to stay.

4. The Wrong Missy

You’ll need a light-hearted comedy after that, so you’ll want to wait for The Wrong Missy to head to the streamer. David Spade stars as a man who meets the woman of his dreams. He decides to invite her to his corporate retreat.

Sounds simple, right? Well, he sends the invite to the wrong person. Oops!

The movie is available on Netflix on May 8.

3. Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems has already made it to Netflix internationally much earlier as an original. We’re waiting until the end of the month for it in the U.S. It’s probably one of the most highly-anticipated of all Netflix movies coming in May 2020.

Adam Sandler stars as a charismatic jeweler who makes a high-stakes bet. It could lead to him being set up for life. However, he then also needs to balance business, family, and enemies for this win.

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2. Mrs. Serial Killer

If your husband was sent to prison for a murder you don’t think he committed, what would you do? In this Indian thriller, a doctor’s wife decides to kill people in the same manner as the killer to prove that her husband is innocent.

Of course, a question you’re going to have is whether her husband is as innocent as she thinks. And what happens if she’s caught?

1. The Half of It

We’ve waited a long time for a comedy like this. The Half of It brings us a YA rom-com that’s inclusive and progressive. Leah Lewis is Ellie Chu, a shy but smart teenager in high school. She makes money by ghostwriting homework, but when a jock asks her to ghostwrite love letters, she ends up falling in love. Oh, not with the jock. With the girl she’s writing the letters to.

Which Netflix movies are you watching in May 2020? Share in the comments below.

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