35 best new Netflix movies and shows coming in May 2020

(L-R) Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate in Dead to Me, Season 2 - Courtesy of Netflix
(L-R) Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate in Dead to Me, Season 2 - Courtesy of Netflix /
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22. Control Z

Season: 1

Created By: Carlos Quintanilla

Starring: Ana Valeria Becerril, Michael Ronda, Andrés Baida, Macarena García, Yankel Stevan

Release Date: Friday, May 22

Have you been missing Gossip Girl and continually binge-watching the series just isn’t doing the trick anymore? Well, you could wait for the upcoming reboot of The CW series to arrive on HBO Max, or you could watch the latest Netflix teen drama Control Z. Something like a mixture of Gossip Girl and Elite, the newest addition the teen TV pantheon gives the hacker plot a fresh coating of Gen Z sheen and trades SideKicks for iPhone. If you’re desperate for some good, trashy teen angst, Control Z is the guilty pleasure for you and should definitely hack its way onto your watch list.

Similarly to Gossip Girl before it, Control Z centers on a group of high school students whose most hard-kept secrets are exposed to the entire school by a hacker. However, the El Colegio Nacional version of Gossip Girl appears to be more savvy and savage than the one on the Upper East Side. Before long, the social hierarchy at the school has been flipped on its head as popular kids are bullied and students on the outskirts start rising through the ranks. Sofia (Ana Valeria Becerril), a wallflower with an eye for deduction, races the clock to unmask the hacker before more secrets are exposed.

Control Z comes from creator Carlos Quintanilla and executive producers Fernando Rovzar and Billy Rovzar. The series originates from Mexico and appears primed to follow in the footsteps of Elite, which originates from Spain, as the next great Spanish guilty pleasure. You’re going to need a juicy new drama to binge-watch at the end of the month when you finish all of the other series throughout the month, and Control Z perfectly fits the bill. For a series with great mystery, addictive drama and lessons to be unleashed on its characters, don’t miss Control Z on May 22.