The Last Kingdom season 5: Renewal status

The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix
The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix /

Is there more to be told of Uhtred of Bebbanburg? Or is this it for the Saxon/Danish Warrior? Here is everything we know so far about The Last Kingdom season 5 renewal status.

If you haven’t watched the newest season of The Last Kingdom yet, prepare yourself. You will be taken on an adventure that ends with you wanting The Last Kingdom season 5 to be released immediately.

Is there going to be a season 5, though? Uhtred of Bebbanburg’s story is still not finished. If you have read the books by Bernard Cornwell then you know we’re only two-thirds of the way through the books as each season is roughly two books.

As things stand right now, Netflix has not yet given the go-ahead for The Last Kingdom season 5. It’s still too early for the streaming giants to make an announcement, however. Season 4 dropped on April 26 and usually, they give a series around a month before making any decisions on the future of a TV show.

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So, we really should not expect anything until the end of May. An early renewal would be nice, but I wouldn’t go getting your hopes up.

Of course, there is the chance Netflix will not renew the series.

Despite the show only being two-thirds of the way through the books, season 4 did end in a way where the majority of storylines are all wrapped up. So, if Netflix were to cancel the series it would not be leaving storylines untold.

Netflix also decided to release season 4 at an odd time, on a Sunday night, giving fans very little time to binge-watch the series before the new week began. Normally bigger name shows are released on a Friday or Saturday to give fans the whole weekend to stream.

It also dropped on the same day as premiere episodes for major network television shows aired such as Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. Basically, Netflix doesn’t appear to be giving it the best chance at success.

On the flip side, there is plenty of stories to tell. As we have said, only two-thirds of the books have been told. The Last Kingdom also has a dedicated following. And the biggest thing of all, the series surely cannot end without Uhtred reclaiming Bebbanburg.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. It can honestly go either way for the series. The good news is, whichever way this does go, we will not be waiting long for The Last Kingdom season 5 renewal status to be announced.

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