6 Netflix documentaries to watch if you like Tiger King

Tiger King - Credit: Netflix
Tiger King - Credit: Netflix /
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4. Casting JonBenet

The murder of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey remains ingrained into the American consciousness and one of the most puzzling unsolved murder cases that still baffles decades later. On Dec. 26, Ramsey was discovered missing in her Colorado home with a ransom demand left for her parents to find. Hours later, after dozens of people have gone through the house, her body was discovered in the room off the side of the basement.

Casting JonBenet isn’t concerned with solving the murder of JonBenet. Instead, the 80-minute documentary focuses on how it has seeped into the collective pop-cultural consciousness. Dressed in the clothes to audition as the Ramsey family members, these Colorado-area actors share their own thoughts, opinions, and theories of the Ramsey case.

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Through that Casting JonBenet is a documentary that is about how an unsolved case can latch onto the most ordinary of people and allow them to come up with their own theories. Did her parents do it? Was it her brother? Or did a stranger sneak into the Ramsey home and killed the little girl? All theories are explored, but what’s left is a documentary about the public’s reaction to these infamous cases.

Casting JonBenet is a good documentary to watch if the idea of how a case that captures the public’s attention like JonBenet or Madeline McCann remains for decades after it’s gone cold. The framing device of the film definitely makes it one of the most unique Netflix true-crime docs to watch.