6 Netflix documentaries to watch if you like Tiger King

Tiger King - Credit: Netflix
Tiger King - Credit: Netflix /
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Carole Baskin Tiger King
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Tiger King has drawn audiences in the world of some of the most bizarre true crimes ever told. If you’re curious about more series like it, then you just hit the tip of the true-crime iceberg on Netflix.

Ask any true crime fan, then they will tell that it’s more than murders. Yes, the death, disappearance, of whatever have you makes up a huge part of the true-crime genre. Underneath it all are the stories that come out. What is a show like Tiger King except a standard murder for hire case but with a wild cast of characters and some of the most bizarre twists on television?

There are a lot of true crime documentaries out on Netflix. Mainly because a) it’s a popular genre, b) the series are pretty easy to make from a production standpoint, and c) true crime is full of some of the wildest stories that you will ever hear. Period.

Like many a genre with a wide breadth of material to its name, then the true crime genre can be very intimidating to a new person. Many watched Tiger King because everyone was watching it in quarantine. Now some who never considered getting into true crime before need recommendations. Luckily for those people, Netflix has a vast library of documentaries full of stories about true crime.

From abductions to cults to to good ol’ murder, these six documentaries will have one thing in common with Tiger King. They are some of the most insane, wildest, twisty stories that an audience will ever hear. No one on here will be Joe Exotic, but, really, that man is one of a kind.