The Last Kingdom: Why you should watch the series

The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix
The Last Kingdom Season 4 -- Courtesy of Netflix /
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The Last Kingdom Season 4 — Courtesy of Netflix
The Last Kingdom Season 4 — Courtesy of Netflix /

4. The storylines feel real

While not 100% historically accurate (something Cornwell admits in his novels and explains why he’s changed some things), there are still elements that feel real for the time. Whether it’s Alfred’s need to document everything or betrayals that lead to people being made slaves, there’s something that will pull you back to the time period.

You won’t see any stray Starbucks cups lying around on tables. There are no water bottles hiding behind chair legs. The Last Kingdom has beautiful sets, costumes, and detail that will draw you in from start to finish.

With the storylines feeling so real, you’ll feel the emotions of the characters. This isn’t just about the main character, Uhtred, but you also feel for some of the enemy, the side characters, and much more.

5. There are characters to love and hate

Uhtred is the lead, but that doesn’t mean his friends aren’t characters to watch out for. Beocca, Hild, Finan, and more will become firm favorites. You’ll want to see their success and happiness.

Then there are characters that you just love to hate. Whether it’s Elyswith or Aethelwold, you will feel the disdain for their characters. And yet, there are times that you can feel for them; times that you can understand their actions or their opinions.

There are also characters that will leave you with mixed feelings. King Alfred is definitely one of them, but throughout you have Ubba, Cnut, Erik, and so many more that you don’t want to like but if you look at things from their side, it’s easy to relate to them.

With such deep characters, there’s no denying that The Last Kingdom is written well.

It’s time to give The Last Kingdom a chance. With season 4 dropping on April 26, you’ve got a little time to catch up (there are 26 episodes to get through) and then all of lockdown to appreciate the story. If you do want to skip ahead to season 4 and play catchup later, this is probably the best season to do it. There’s a sort of reset with Edward now king. (Not a spoiler because, well, history!)

The Last Kingdom season 4 drops on Netflix on April 26.

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