Netflix movies: Extraction provides a much-needed dose of action and thrills

EXTRACTION - Credit: Jasin Boland/NETFLIX
EXTRACTION - Credit: Jasin Boland/NETFLIX /

The Netflix action-thriller Extraction provides a much-needed dose of action and thrills during a time when everything is dull and lacking excitement.

The most recently released movies include Sonic, Onward, and Trolls World Tour. All three are great, but it’s safe to say that, with F9 and No Time to Die pushed back, there’s a severe lack of action in the movie world. This is particularly true for parents, who have grown tired of Sonic re-watches and can recite the lyrics to all Trolls World Tour songs by now. Enter Netflix’s Extraction.

The action-thriller has arrived to save us all from a world that lacks excitement, but that’s not the only reason you should watch the movieBefore we move on, please note there are no spoilers in this review!

Movie audiences have always found it silly how, in films that take place overseas, the characters magically understand and speak fluent English. Yet, Hollywood movies never fail to unrealistically continue doing this. But not this Netflix action-thriller.

The film takes place across Mumbai, Dhaka and India, and the characters stay true to their roots and speak their own language. Extraction provides subtitles for audiences, and it all just gives the movie a realistic feel.

Extraction follows Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) and his crew on a mission impossible to rescue Ovi Mahajan (Rudraksh Jaiswal), the kidnapped son of an imprisoned drug lord. Rake craves adrenaline and danger as he feels he has nothing more to lose after a family tragedy.

Now, when I said Extraction provides much-needed action, I didn’t only mean it due to the lack of thrills lately, but this film takes action to a new level! And this is what you’ll love best about the movie. The fight and action sequences are nearly on par with those you see in the John Wick or Mission Impossible franchises.

The camera work and choreography are amazing, with some fighting matches rivaling those the John Wick movies deliver. This is all thanks to director Sam Hargrave, who makes his directorial debut with Extraction, but coordinating stunts is his specialty. The stunt coordinator has worked with the Russo brothers (who also produced Extraction) in many Marvel movies.

Rake’s story is never heartfelt or a strong focus, but minor background story flaws can be forgiven thanks to the excitement and edge-of-your-seat thrills Extraction supplies viewers with. And since providing action to audiences is the movie’s goal, it’s the perfect weekend watch!

Extraction is now streaming on Netflix.

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