Extraction is coming to Netflix tonight

EXTRACTION - Credit: Jasin Boland/NETFLIX
EXTRACTION - Credit: Jasin Boland/NETFLIX /

Are you ready for another action movie? How about another Chris Hemsworth movie? Netflix has you covered with Extraction, and it’s coming tonight.

If you’re looking for something new to watch, Netflix always has you covered. Extraction with Chris Hemsworth is the latest addition, and you can watch it on Netflix tonight.

The movie will be released at 3:01 a.m. ET on Friday, April 24. For those on the West Coast, you’re waiting until 12:01 a.m.

This is a movie that has been through a number of title changes. You will have heard of it as Dhaka at one point. Then just before the release of the trailer, Out of the Fire was used.

During this Netflix original movie, Hemsworth plays more of an anti-hero type character. He’s a black-market mercenary, who will do jobs simply because he’s paid to do them. This isn’t Thor, who will do good because it’s in his nature.

There’s a dark story to the character that has pushed him into doing the black-market mercenary work. He doesn’t have a family, which is something quickly explained in the Extraction trailer.

When he is paid to rescue a boy, he doesn’t really care that it’s the son of an imprisoned international crime lord. And he also isn’t someone who will blame a child for the sins of his father. That doesn’t mean the case is going to be an easy one, and he has to make some hard choices if he wants to carry out the mission.

In a world of drug dealers and traffickers, you know that the mission will test our main hero’s abilities and determination. He’ll need to make a decision of getting out alive on his own or risking his life to save a boy he doesn’t even know. Which choice will he make?

The Russo brothers have produced the movie with Joe Russo writing the screenplay. With the Avengers masterminds behind it, you know it’s going to be action-packed with humorous moments.

You can watch Extraction on Netflix tonight.

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