10 best Stranger Things episodes to watch on Netflix

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Best Stranger Things episodes
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

4. The Bite

Season 3, Episode 7

“The Bite” is the penultimate episode of season 3, and it definitely did its job hyping us up for an intense and action-packed finale. Everyone works together to try to defeat the Mind Flayer. It’s so nice to see that, when Eleven is down, all her friends step up to help.

Nancy showed a lot of bravery firing off rounds of shots, and Lucas even swings an ax. Not bad, for a bunch of kids! Still, Eleven ends up badly wounded and unable to use her powers for some time. Everyone then heads to Starcourt mall for the epic battle. Will the season 3 finale be ranked as the top episode? Keep on reading!

We also can’t forget the heartbreak this episode brings! Just when we were beginning to enjoy Alexei, he is killed off. Joyce, Hopper, and Murray are all devastated about it.

3. Trick Or Treat, Freak

Season 2, Episode 2

Did you expect an episode not from season 3 to break into the top 5 episodes? Well, here we are! This list wouldn’t be complete (or fair) if we failed to include one of the most hyped episodes in the entire series of Stranger Things. This is because an image from “Trick Or Treat, Freak” was used as one of the promotional images for season 2.

The photo features Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas appropriately dressed as the Ghostbusters for Halloween! Bob is also dressed up, but as a vampire, gotta love that guy! This episode also gives audiences a look at what El’s life has been with Hopper. We immediately love their bond.