10 best Stranger Things episodes to watch on Netflix

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Best Stranger Things episodes
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

6. The Spy

Season 2, Episode 6

Before you argue that this episode doesn’t even feature Eleven and believe it shouldn’t be included, hear us out! We love Eleven to pieces. But there are several reasons why this is one of the best episodes in the series even if we don’t see her.

Eleven is at the center of it all, so it was nice to see what everyone else in the gang was up to during her short absence. And you can’t deny that watching our kiddos take on the Demodogs wasn’t amazing!

Another thing to love about the episode is Nancy and Jonathan finding documents that prove the Hawkins Lab is responsible for Barb’s death. Justice for Barb!

5. The Sauna Test

Season 3, Episode 4

“The Sauna Test” is simply brilliant! I lament not being able to rank this episode higher on the list, but difficult choices had to be made!

This episode sees the Mind Flayer inside Billy going up against Eleven and the kids for the first time, and what a fight Eleven gives it! We see Billy have absolutely no control over the creature taking over his body as the Mind Flyer does not hold back against Eleven. This episode had us on our feet cheering the entire time.

It wasn’t all action, though! El and Max share some adorable moments together as they continue to bond. Nancy and her mom, Karen, also had a strong connection as Karen encourages her daughter not to give up on her dreams and pursue the story of the rats.