The Last Kingdom season 4 trailer is finally here!

Prepare yourself! The Last Kingdom season 4 trailer is finally here. Giving us a glimpse at the excitement that awaits us at the end of this month.

If you’re not already counting down the days, you should start doing so now, Arselings. The Last Kingdom season 4 is coming to Netflix on April 26 and it is certainly something you do not want to miss.

Uhtred continues his journey which has seen him travel the country many times over in his quest to reclaim his home Bebbanburg. Will he succeed this time?

Well, The Last Kingdom season 4 trailer shows Bebbanburg on a number of occasions so it very well may be possible. Although this is not a certainty, of course, as Uhtred has more than himself to think about nowadays.

The Lady Aethelflaed has become a big part of Uhtred’s life. Those of you who have been hoping the two will become an item may very well be getting your wish. The final moments of the trailer may very well be hinting at just that, but again, no guarantee. For those of you who have read all of Bernard Cornwell’s books and know how things play out, shhhh, no spoilers!

What The Last Kingdom season 4 trailer has definitely shown us is this is going to be the biggest, most action-packed season yet. We can see that multiple battles are taking place both across open fields and through sieges.

Battle plans unlike anything we have seen before from the Netflix original are to be played out and there will more blood and gore for everyone who likes that sort of thing.

The biggest question to ask though is whether the Kingdom of Wessex and the hope of a united England are over now that Alfred is dead. It looks like chaos is reigning because of it, but how will it all end? Only time will tell.

The Last Kingdom season 4 is coming to Netflix on Sunday, April 26.