Code 8 and 5 good movies to watch on Netflix this weekend

Photo: Code 8.. Image Courtesy Vertical Entertainment
Photo: Code 8.. Image Courtesy Vertical Entertainment /

Stephen and Robbie Amell’s Code 8 is now streaming on Netflix. It’s one of five great Netflix movies to check out this weekend, April 11-12.

Are you ready for a weekend of great movies? Code 8 is finally available to stream on Netflix, but it’s not alone. It’s time for your weekly offerings of five great Netflix movies to check out.

Like with previous weekends, this list is made up of a variety of genres. They idea is that no matter whether you love action or rom-coms, there’s something to check out.

5. Mine 9

When nine miners head on their next job, they know that it could be difficult. Their whole lifestyle is. What they don’t expect is for a methane explosion to leave them trapped underground with just an hour of oxygen left.

The miners are two miles underground. This is one of those Netflix movies that will play on your mind as it leaves you wondering what you would do in such a situation.

4. The Main Event

How about Netflix movies that are just for fun? Something that even children could enjoy? The Main Event is the one you want to check out this weekend. An 11-year-old boy finds a magical mask. Suddenly, he may have a shot at his dream to become a WWE wrestler.

This young boy enters a competition and begins his journey to live his dream. Can he become the next big superstar?

3. Tigertail

If you enjoyed Amazon Studios’s Life Itself, then you’re going to want to give Tigertail a chance. This Netflix original is an insightful, multi-generational tale of one family. It starts in the 1950s and takes us to the present day.

Alan Yang both wrote and directed the movie, which focuses mostly on one man in a loveless marriage. His work and determination to make things work pull him out of his shell and create the family that he ends up with.

2. Love, Wedding, Repeat

When it comes to rom-coms, there are some excellent offerings in terms of Netflix movies. Love, Wedding, Repeat is the one for this weekend. The Hunger Games‘s Sam Claflin stars as a brother who just wants to give his sister the perfect wedding.

Those who adore Groundhog Day will enjoy this storyline. Claflin finds himself living the same day over and over again with hilarious consequences. Will his sister get the perfect day in the end?

1. Code 8

We end with a movie that dropped today. Robbie Amell and his Arrow cousin Stephen Amell teamed up for Code 8, flipping the superhero genre on its head. In this world, those with powers are viewed as lesser-class citizens than “normal” people.

Fed up with life and struggling to pay medical bills, a group of people with powers join together and take on some criminal activity. Naturally, things take a wrong turn here or there.

Watch all five Netflix movies and more this weekend.

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