Dead To Me season 2 is coming to Netflix in May 2020

Photo Credit: Dead To Me/Netflix, Acquired from Netflix Media Center
Photo Credit: Dead To Me/Netflix, Acquired from Netflix Media Center /

Are you ready to catch the second season of Dead to Me? Dead to Me season 2 is heading to Netflix in May 2020 and here’s all you need to know.

The moment we’ve been waiting for! We finally have a release date for Dead To Me season 2.

Netflix announced on  April 10 that Dead To Me season 2 will be released to the streaming service on Friday, May 8, 2020. Like most Netflix original series premieres, the release date was also announced with a short teaser trailer that showed the reaction and events after the season 1 finale.

Warning: Dead to Me season 1 spoilers ahead. 

Season 1 ended with a huge scene where we saw Steve and Jen poolside discussing the events that happened with Judy and the death of her husband. Steve is pleading his case and also trying to find out exactly where Judy is.

As things started to heat up between Jen and Steve, Jen pulls out a gun and points it directly at Steve. The scene then cuts to Judy listening to a voicemail from Jen telling her to come home. After hearing the voicemail we see Steve’s dead body floating in the pool with Jen and Judy staring down at the floating body.

Bam! And that’s exactly how season 1 ended leaving viewers in shock and wanting to pull their hair out knowing they would have to wait a while for Dead to Me season 2 to be released.

There are so many theories out there of what really happened to Steve and how he could’ve been murdered by somebody other than Jen. I never believed that to be the case and after watching the short teaser trailer that was released, it’s clear to me that Jen in fact murdered Steve.

Watch the short Dead To Me season 2 trailer below!

Although it’s very quick, in the teaser, we actually get to see Jen shoot Steve into the pool. Or do we?

It’s so quick that we don’t actually get to see her pull the trigger. Could there be somebody else off-screen that pulled the trigger and we just saw Jen react the way she did? As I stated before I’m fairly confident that Jen killed Steve, but we know that would be too easy to predict.

We get to hear Jen tell Judy that “no one can ever know what happened.” She could be covering up for somebody who she loves that actually pulled the trigger on Steve.

Even, I’m going back and forth in my head about the whole situation.

What I do know is that we get to find out very soon exactly what happened to Steve at the end of season 1!

Netflix will likely be sharing a full-length trailer for season 2 closer to the release date. Fans of the show have been waiting for this news to drop and Netflix loves to play the build-up game getting fans ready for the premiere next month.

Dead To Me season 2 is coming to Netflix Friday, May 8! Stay tuned for more information about season 2 of the Netflix original series.

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