Grey’s Anatomy season 16: 5 best moments from Sing It Again

Grey’s Anatomy, what the heck is going on with Richard?

Grey’s Anatomy just wants us to clutch our hearts out of worry forever, doesn’t it? As we’ve seen over the last two episodes, our dear Richard Weber is not feeling like himself. In fact, something is very wrong, and it becomes glaringly obvious in this week’s episode as all the important doctors of Grey-Sloan come together to figure out his diagnosis.

And while we’re on the topic of emotional stories, Koracick had one of his own this week. His ex-wife showed up with her son from her now-husband and it turned out he was a doppelganger of her and Koracick’s son that passed away. It catches him off guard and throws him for a loop as he attempts to treat the kid’s brain tumor after Amelia is unable to.

I will give Grey’s Anatomy an A for effort on trying to balance the heavy with some humor and laughs. Case in point? The patient who can’t stop singing after her surgery (don’t worry, it was because of the anesthesia), or Amelia’s hilarious commentary during her Braxton-Hicks contractions.

All in all, it was a rough episode of Grey’s Anatomy to get through, and I’m left worried sick about Richard’s future. Not to mention, the series has to conclude its season early given it hadn’t finished production and was unable to complete the remaining episodes.

So, how are they going to wrap this up? Your guess is as good as mine.

Richard’s mystery illness

Okay, so correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t a lot of Richard’s symptoms point to a neurological condition? I know throughout the episode they ran through a battery of tests but what if it is advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s?

I know Meredith doesn’t want it to be Alzheimer’s and has an emotional history with that illness, but it just might be. Having said that, his symptoms are very confusing and are all over the place. The most alarming ones are the visual and auditory hallucinations. Last week, he thought Catherine was at the conference and had full-fledged conversations with her.

This week, Meredith caught him in an OR holding a scalpel to his stomach imagining that he was performing surgery on someone else. These are full-blown hallucinations which are pointing to a very scary, serious problem.

But don’t worry, Grey Sloan’s smartest and brightest are on the case and together they will figure it out.

The one where the patient wakes up singing

Grey’s Anatomy has had a musical episode in its past (if you haven’t seen it yet, please go back and watch), however, this week a patient wakes up singing after surgery. It turns out nothing was actually wrong and the surgery wasn’t to blame. Rather, the effects of the anesthesia caused the issue.

But what was really sweet about this particular patient was her relationship with her husband. The whole experience brought them even closer than they already were when they first came in. In fact, after the wife finally stops singing, the husband continues to sing to her.

It was all sorts of cuteness and adorable!

The doppelganger

It’s safe to say that Grey’s Anatomy has a hard time with Koracick’s character. We know he’s an angry, conflicted guy, but at the same time, there’s a softness to him. We’ve seen it with Amelia and we’ve definitely seen it with Teddy.

But yet, the show always bounces back and forth between these two versions.

In any case, this week was a tough one for the guy. He’s completely caught off-guard when his ex-wife shows up with her husband and their son, who is a doppelganger to Koracick and her son that passed away.

Naturally, it was a very jarring moment for Koracick and he couldn’t get a handle on his emotions. This is why Amelia had to step in to treat the kid, who had a very complicated brain tumor. It was tough to see Koracick battle the way he did this week, and it only got worse when he was the one that had to perform the surgery, given Amelia’s fake labor situation.

But thanks to Teddy’s presence and support, he got through it!

Amelia’s contractions

No, I’m sorry, Amelia did not have the baby. As it turns out all that hoopla was not her going into labor, but rather Braxton-Hicks contractions. I have to admit I was incredibly excited to see Amelia and Link begin this new chapter of their life. They’re such an adorable couple, aren’t they?

Which is why I’m so relieved that Grey’s Anatomy brought them together instead of split them apart. We don’t have many great couples left on this show, so I’m absolutely rooting for this one. Fingers crossed that next time Amelia has contractions–it’s the real deal.

Side note: Her commentary during the painful Braxton-Hicks contractions were absolutely hilarious And I love how Link was there for it.

So, Teddy and Owen are getting married?

After all the back and forth romantic confusion Teddy has been experiencing, I think she finally has decided the man for her. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed over her behavior, and at some point in this episode. I really thought she was leaning towards Koracick.

She’s been toying with the poor guy enough, not to mention Owen has no idea that she’s been hooking up with Koracick on the side. In any case, this episode of Grey’s Anatomy finally convinced Teddy that Owen is the man for her.

Considering that she’s engaged to the guy, I’m glad she figured it out. And it’s a good thing because…

In the middle of a lovemaking session, Owen and Teddy decide they’re going to get married—like ASAP.