5 best Pixar movies to watch on Disney Plus

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INSIDE OUT – When Riley’s family relocates to a scary new city, the Emotions are on the job, eager to help guide her through the difficult transition. But when Joy and Sadness are inadvertently swept into the far reaches of Riley’s mind – taking some of her core memories with them – Fear, Anger and Disgust are left reluctantly in charge. Joy and Sadness must venture through unfamiliar places – Long-Term Memory, Imagination Land, Abstract Thought and Dream Productions – in a desperate effort to get back to Headquarters and Riley. Disney•Pixar’s Oscar-winning “Inside Out” makes its broadcast television debut on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 7 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (Disney/Pixar)

Disney Plus is the home of all the best Disney and Pixar movies. With Onward joining the list, now is the time to watch these five Pixar movies.

Disney Plus has become the home of all the best animated movies. Whether it’s old-school Disney classics or Pixar’s greatest achievements, there are some excellent additions.

Onward is the most recent addition to Disney Plus, and most definitely worth the watch. It’s a beautiful tale of brotherly love with a little magic thrown in. Unlike most other Pixar movies, it manages to avoid the cliche endings, showing that sometimes great memories can be forgotten and just need a little adventurous push.

Now that you’ve watched Onward, you likely want to check out other Pixar movies. And there are a ton. Whether you love the classic Toy Story that arguably pushed Pixar into the brand that it is today or you love the monsters of Monsters Inc, there is something for all.

Trying to narrow down the full list to just five was extremely difficult. I contemplated opting for 10 movies instead, but I’m going to pick out the top five movies.

Toy Story is definitely on this list. However, I’m joining all four movies and the shorts into one. The same applies to any other sequels. After all, when you watch one, you need to watch the others!

Whether you’re looking for adventure or something heartfelt, here are the five best Pixar movies to watch on Disney Plus right now.

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