How to Fix a Drug Scandal is the next Netflix documentary you need to watch

How to Fix a Drug Scandal - Netflix documentary - Credit: Netflix
How to Fix a Drug Scandal - Netflix documentary - Credit: Netflix /

How to Fix a Drug Scandal is the new Netflix documentary to watch this week!

The new Netflix original documentary series premiered on Netflix on Friday, April 3, and it’s one of the best of the streaming network’s docs so far. If you just finished Tiger King and need something a little more tame but equally outrageous.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal is an in-depth look at two major criminal investigations in the state of Massachusetts related to the crime labs. In one case, Annie Dookhan, a crime lab chemist responsible for testing drug samples to be used in criminal trials, was not actually testing samples.

In another case, which is the primary focus on this series, Sonja Farak, another crime lab chemist, was using the drugs while she was testing samples and was also stealing from the lab and samples.

That’s only where this story begins.

The docuseries follows the investigation and basic coverup by the powers that be to make sure this story didn’t get out and affect convictions.

Check out the trailer for the new Netflix documentary below!

How to Fix a Drug Scandal: Netflix documentary trailer

How to Fix a Drug Scandal was directed by Erin Lee Carr. There are four episodes in the season.

This documentary series is an indictment of the problems with the criminal justice system, the war on drugs, and how the motivations and decisions of those in power influence the lives of the thousands of people caught up in these processes.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal reminded me of many other docuseries on Netflix. There are many documentaries about investigations gone wrong and corruption in the judicial system. I don’t know if those are as well made as this one, though.

Rather than sensationalizing, this documentary gets to the heart of the issue and focuses on those involved. That part of the storytelling is refreshing given some of the issues with other recent Netflix documentaries (Tiger King!).

Overall, this is a really sad story, though, and I don’t want that to get lost. There are so many people affected by the actions of a person and persons going through a lot. I’m sure this was not the only place things like this were happening in the United States.

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