V-Wars starring Ian Somerhalder canceled after one season at Netflix

V-Wars - Credit: Netflix
V-Wars - Credit: Netflix /

V-Wars starring Ian Somerhalder and Adrian Holmes will not return for season 2. Netflix canceled the series after one season.

V-Wars will not return for season 2 on Netflix.

Netflix has canceled V-Wars starring Ian Somerhalder after one season, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

The Netflix original series premiered in December 2019, and it looked like it had all the makings of another Netflix hit after the first season. It had decent buzz after the release, and the show got a nice bump with Somerhalder and Adrian Holmes starring the series.

Unfortunately, the buzz didn’t last very long, especially compared to the other big shows and movies that came out in December, including The Witcher, Lost in Space, You, and more. Netflix didn’t share why exactly the show was canceled, but I think it’s pretty clear that it’s because the show didn’t have enough of a fanbase to offset the costs of a new season.

October Faction was also canceled, according to the report.

I had really high hopes for V-Wars. I thought there would be a built-in fanbase at Netflix with the success of The Vampire Diaries on the platform. But, the shows were so different, and that fanbase didn’t quite carry over as many would have expected.

I think the show succeeded in many ways. Unfortunately, there were some flaws, although the show should have been able to work out some of the kinks in a new season. That won’t happen, and I’m guessing it has a lot to do with the number of people watching.

Netflix has a pretty high bar lately when it comes to viewership. Shows have to meet that, or they get canceled. That’s just how it’s been lately and with shows like Daybreak, Tuca & Bertie and Messiah and others.

We don’t expect V-Wars to be saved by another network, unfortunately. Netflix is well known for saving canceled shows, but only one show that was canceled at Netflix has moved on to find a home somewhere else.

You can watch the first season of V-Wars on Netflix now if you want to rewatch the series again. The Vampire Diaries is also available to stream.

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