35 best new Netflix movies and shows coming in April 2020

Never Have I Ever on Netflix. Photo courtesy Netflix
Never Have I Ever on Netflix. Photo courtesy Netflix /
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26. How to Fix a Drug Scandal

Season: 1

Directed By: Erin Lee Carr

Release Date: Wednesday, April 1

Right now, everyone’s talking about Netflix’s latest documentary series Tiger King and watching the newest hit nonstop. You’d better hurry and power through all of the documentaries and docuseries on your watch list because it won’t be long until Netflix promotes the next hot commodity on its homepage and takes the world by storm. On April Fool’s Day, the streaming giant launches How to Fix a Drug Scandal, the next conversation-starting documentary series.

The newest Netflix docuseries takes a closer look at a case that began in 2013, when Massachusetts State Police arrested Sonja Farak, a 35-year-old drug lab chemist. Before long, more details about Farak emerge, including that was using the drugs she had been instructed to test. Questions about her addiction and others knowledgable about what she had been doing surrounded the case as the number of convictions and attempts to suppress evidence rise to the surface. From top to bottom, it’s an interesting case with many twists and turns.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal comes from director Erin Lee Carr, who also worked on such titles as Mommy Dead and Dearest and Dirty Money. The docuseries will dive deep into discussions about the criminal justice system and features a re-creation of Farak’s testimony as well as interviews with experts on the case. How to Fix a Drug Scandal takes an incisive look at one crime lab chemist can impact thousands of lives in a compelling four-part documentary series you won’t want to miss.