5 good Netflix shows to watch after Ozark season 3

OZARK - Credit: Steve Dietl/Netflix
OZARK - Credit: Steve Dietl/Netflix /

We shared a list of five good Netflix shows to watch after you finish Ozark season 3, including Breaking Bad, Bloodline, and more!

Ozark season 3 is now on Netflix! We know you’re going to binge-watch all 10 episodes of the new season! After that, you’re going to need a few new Netflix shows to watch!

Below, we shared five good Netflix shows to watch on the streaming service. You truly can’t go wrong with these shows. While some might not be as good as Ozark, they’re still very entertaining.

Let’s get the list started with Breaking Bad! 

Breaking Bad

If you like Ozark and haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet, what are you waiting for?! Ozark is great, but Breaking Bad is like the best anti-hero TV series ever. Some even consider it to be the best show of all time.

There are some major similarities between the two shows and even between main characters Marty Byrde and Walter White.

All five seasons of Breaking Bad are now streaming on Netflix. If you like the series, you should also check out Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spinoff. You should also watch El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on Netflix after watching the series.

Better Call Saul

If you like Breaking Bad, you have to watch the spinoff, Better Call Saul. The series tells the story of criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk.

In the series, we get to see how Saul breaks bad before he meets Walter White in Breaking Bad. It’s one of the best shows on Netflix and on TV right now.

You can watch the first four seasons on Netflix right now.

Bloodline - Netflix shows
Bloodline – Credit: Netflix /


Bloodline is another good Netflix series to watch after Ozark. The series is set in a vacation destination and focuses on the crimes of the Rayburn family in the Florida Keys.

This series also has a great cast with Kyle Chandler, Linda Cardellini, Ben Mendelsohn, Norbert Leo Butz, Sissy Spacek, and Sam Shepard.

In the series, everything is going good for the Rayburns, a family who owns a small resort in the Florida Keys. When Danny, the rogue brother, comes back, things start to unravel.

There are three seasons of Bloodline available to stream on Netflix.


If you like the drug cartel part of Ozark, the Netflix series for you is Narcos.

There are five seasons of Narcos streaming on Netflix right now. The first three seasons focus on Pablo Escobar and the rise (and fall) of the Medellin cartel in Colombia.

The next two seasons are set in Mexico, and they are technically titled Narcos: Mexico. The focus on the rise of the Mexican drug trade and the United States response.


You tells the story of Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgely, a stalker who falls for a woman he meets a bookstore. There are two seasons of the series streaming on Netflix.

While very different from the other Netflix shows on the list, there are some similarities between Joe and Marty, although there motivations vary greatly.

Joe and Marty will clearly do whatever it takes to save themselves. That’s the one thing both characters share. They have a knack for staying alive even with the cards are stacked against them.

If you like Ozark, I think there’s a good chance you’ll like You. It’s much lighter and a little soapy, but things frequently go bad like they do in Ozark.

We hope you enjoy all these great Netflix shows!

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