5 most underrated characters heading into Lucifer season 5

Lucifer -- Photo credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Lucifer -- Photo credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Lucifer has some great characters, but some don’t get the credit they deserve. So, we’re here to shine a light on the characters we seldom mention!

It’s hard to think of a show with so many consistent good characters as Lucifer. For four years the show has delivered consistently good entertainment and great character arcs, but not everyone is the devil—or gets the same credit. Though if we’re being honest, they should.

So yes, although this show was always going to rise or fall on Tom Ellis’ shoulders, today we’re not here to talk about the devil himself. We’re here to talk about the people around him. Because everyone know you can’t make a show with just one person—at least not a great one.

And remember: we’re talking underrated characters here, so no, Chloe doesn’t count either. She’s the only character, other than Lucifer, who routinely gets the credit she deserves for making this show as good as it is. Instead, we’re going to focus on the other rest of the cast, as we count down the five most underrated characters heading into Lucifer season 5.

Ella Lopez

Sure, Ella is fun and her banter with pretty much everyone is always on point, but do you ever think about this show and go, wow, Ella Lopez is a great character? Chances are you don’t, and that’s a mistake because Ella Lopez is a really groundbreaking and dynamic character that should be appreciated more.

Introduced at a time when Latinas didn’t get to be the smartest girls in the room, Ella has helped shift the stereotype of what Latinx women are like. And she’s done it by just being her light, happy, trusting and still savvy self. Whoever said you couldn’t be all those things?

Not Ella Lopez.

Linda Martin

Our favorite doctor, Linda has been the eyes of the viewer for as long as Lucifer has been around, often being the only one to call him out on, well, on all the things we and the other characters were thinking. And yet, maybe because she’s the audience self-insert, there’s rarely enough recognition for how good a character she is, or how much she’s grown.

Not to mention how much she’s helped our very own Lucifer Morningstar.

Make no mistake about it, everyone on this show is better because of Linda, not to mention every relationship. Maybe it’s time we gave her some more credit, isn’t it?

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Trixie Espinoza

More often than not, kids on TV shows just don’t work, likely because writers just have no idea how to integrate kids into a storyline in a way that flows well. Of course, before Lucifer, I would have said kids only work on very limited circumstances. Since Trixie, I’ve changed my tune.

Trixie isn’t just there as decoration, or as a way to make us learn heavy-handed lessons. No, Trixie is a fully realized character, and yes, maybe one who’s at the point in her life where the lessons she has to learn are different, but that doesn’t mean her storyline can’t be just as interesting as the rest.

And that…well, that is just good writing.

Dan Espinoza

I will admit I didn’t like Dan in the beginning, but I think that’s okay because we weren’t meant to like Dan in the beginning. But like all characters on this show, Dan grew. In fact, you could even argue Dan has grown more than anyone on this show, considering where he started.

He’s grown into a great man; one that can be Chloe’s partner even if he isn’t involved with her romantically. He’s also grown into a good friend for Amenadiel, for Maze and even for Lucifer, at times. It shouldn’t be as easy for a character like Dan to adjust to the craziness of this makeshift family he’s got around him, but the fact that he has speaks of who he really is, and why we should appreciate him more.


Sure, Maze gets a lot of love for being the badass queen she is, but I don’t think we ever focus enough on the lessons she’s learned, and on what she’s become. Let’s just remember where Maze came from, and what she is. Then think of her friendship with Chloe, the way she’s always protected Lucifer, how she’d give up everything for Linda, or even the way she is with Trixie.

Maze is a reminder that people—or demons—don’t have to stay what they were born, that everyone can change, become better. And hey, that growth on TV isn’t just reserved for the characters that were good from the beginning.

Growth is for everyone.

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