Stranger Things 4: Kali needs to return

Kali on Stranger Things, photo courtesy Netflix
Kali on Stranger Things, photo courtesy Netflix /

Kali, a character that made such an important impact in Eleven’s life, needs to return for Stranger Things 4.

From the return of Jim Hopper (David Harbour) to the possible setting for Stranger Things 4, a lot has been teased about what’s to come.

Earlier this month, fans even got a fun video featuring the cast and crew getting together for the first table-read! Everyone is so excited and happy to be back, working with each other again. Gotta love how the cast members are all friends! But one person was missing yet again, Linnea Berthelsen.

Will Kali return in season 4?

In the series, Berthelsen portrays Kali and made her debut in Stranger Things 2. But she isn’t just some character fans can forget about or someone we can just move on from after meeting. Kali is important and made a huge impact on Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

Kali and Eleven meet and are happy to learn that they are not alone, they were both part of the cruel experiments conducted at Hawkins National Lab, where Kali was known as “Eight.” The two were quick to bond, despite their different point of view, and even called each other sisters. Kali appears in three episodes, before never being seen again.

Kali is alive, though, and fans were sure she’d be coming back in Stranger Things 3, but she doesn’t. Sure, the storyline with Kali wasn’t a favorite among viewers and all episodes with the character have low ratings, but I believe the storyline needs closure.

Eleven is about to face her biggest challenge yet, and she needs all the help she can get! Let’s hope Kali returns to help out and either stick around for good or give Eleven a proper goodbye.

Would you like to see the character come back? Or, are you fine with how things are?

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At the time of publishing, Stranger Things 4 production has been delayed for at least a few weeks. We don’t know when production will resume or if it will affect the Stranger Things 4 release date.

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