Netflix needs to renew On My Block for season 4

ON MY BLOCK - Credit: Kevin Estrada/Netflix
ON MY BLOCK - Credit: Kevin Estrada/Netflix /

After a great third season, Netflix needs to renew On My Block for season 4 as soon as possible!

On My Block season 3 premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, March 11, and after fans around the world binge-watch the series, it’s time for Netflix to renew On My Block for season 4!

It’s still relatively early. I’m guessing we’ll have to wait about three more weeks, at least, before Netflix announces the renewal. On My Block is one of the best teen shows on Netflix. I’d even argue it’s one of the best shows on Netflix right now. And, that’s merely one of the reasons why this show needs to return for a fourth season.

Most importantly, we need to find out what happened after that season 3 cliffhanger! Yes, there are a few spoilers ahead.

I’m really interested to see how the group gets to that point in the two-year time jump. What happened that caused this friendship to end? What does it mean for the future?

As we’ve seen in the first three seasons, everything is not all that it seems to be. I’m skeptical that there’s truly bad blood between these friends. Something greater could be at play. We’ll find out soon!

I’ve seen some fans who appear to be happy with the On My Block season 3 ending and think that’s what should be the final scene of the series. I understand, but I disagree with that. There’s so much more to explore! And, the main mission has not even been resolved yet!

We need to see how this series ends, and I think one more season, at least, could do that. And, that’s why I’m hoping to see On My Block renewed for season 4 on Netflix.

In addition to all the reasons listed above, we also want to see what could be one of the best guest stars in Netflix history in season 4: Cardi B.

That’s right! I’m not sure how it all got started, but basically, Brett Gray, who stars in Jamal, said he wanted Cardi B to join the series in a recent interview, according to Shadow and Act. Carbi B quote tweeted, “I’m with that.” And, fans all over the world rejoiced and begged all involved to make it happen.

I’m definitely on board for a Cardi B cameo or guest-starring role in On My Block season 4! Now, Netflix just needs to renew the series and make it happen.

Stay tuned for more news about On My Block season 4!

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