Netflix Life Madness Bracket: Who is your favorite Stranger Things character?

Netflix Life Madness is back for March 2020! This year, we’re going to figure out which Stranger Things character is the ultimate fan favorite! Will it be Eleven, Hopper or another character?

It’s time for more Netflix Life Madness! Stranger Things fans should be especially excited about this year’s theme.

This year, we’re going to find out who is the fans’ favorite Stranger Things character.

For the last few years, we’ve put together a bracket to find the best Netflix series, best Netflix characters and other topics. Like we’ve done in the past, voting takes place on the Netflix Life Facebook Page.

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In each poll, one Stranger Things character faces off against another. The poll lasts for 24 hours. The character with the most votes at the end of the poll moves on to the next round.

We’ll start with 32 Stranger Things characters, and by the end of March, we’ll have our Netflix Life Madness Champion. Voting begins on Monday, March 16, with Eleven, the top overall seed in the bracket, facing off against no. 8 seed, Mayor Larry Kline.

We shared the full bracket below!

Netflix Life Madness: Stranger Things Bracket

Netflix Life Madness – Stranger Things Bracket

Below, we also shared the voting schedule. Mark your calendars!

March 16 

1. Eleven vs. 8. Mayor Kline
4. Barb vs.  5. Dr. Brenner
3. Erica vs. 6. Mr. Clarke
2. Mike vs. 7. Keith

March 17

1. Steve vs. 8. Heather
4. Billy vs. 5. Karen
3. Nancy vs. 6. Demogorgon
2. Joyce vs. 7. Kali

March 18

1. Hopper vs. 8. Grigori
4. Jonathan vs. 5. Murray
3. Lucas vs. 6. Dr. Owens
2. Will vs. 7. The Mind Flayer

March 19

1. Dustin vs. 8. Dart
4. Bob vs. 5. Alexei
3. Max vs. 6. Suzie
2. Robin vs. 7. Ted Wheeler

Unless something changes and things get turned upside down, we’ll run four polls per day until the final rounds. The second round, aka the “Strange 16,” takes place on Friday, March 20, and Saturday, March 21, followed by the quarterfinals on Sunday, March 22.

We pick back up again with the “Friends Don’t Lie Final 4,” the semifinals, on Tuesday, March 24. And, then, the winner will be decided in the finals on Thursday, March 26. We’ll learn the winner on Friday, March 27.

We’ll also send out tweets when voting starts and share updates, so follow Netflix Life on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any polls!

Remember, voting starts early tomorrow morning on the Netflix Life FB Page!