Spenser Confidential is a must-watch on Netflix

Spenser Confidential - Credit: Daniel McFadden
Spenser Confidential - Credit: Daniel McFadden /

Spenser Confidential starring Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke and Iliza Shlesinger is a must-watch new Netflix original movie!

Spenser Confidential is a new Netflix original film starring Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke as a new dynamic duo. The film is based on the Spenser book series by Robert B. Parker that was adapted into the TV series Spenser: For Hire in the 80s.

The film premiered on Friday, March 6. If you like action comedies, this is the movie for you. It’ll keep you engaged and entertained throughout.

In the film, Walhberg plays Spenser, an ex-cop that is fresh off a prison sentence for assaulting a former colleague. Through contact with his former coach and mentor Henry (Alan Arkin), he meets MMA fighter Hawk, portrayed by Winston Duke (Black Panther and Us). When two of Spenser’s former colleagues are killed, he takes it upon himself to find out who killed them.

Overall, it is a fairly light film with great fight scenes, including a machete welding gang, and some great comedic moments.

The film also lets its supporting actors shine. Spenser’s ex-girlfriend Cissy (Shlesinger) has a mouth that would make a sailor blush and she adds some great dynamic to the story. Her character is fun and I thoroughly enjoyed her portrayal of Cissy.

Henry (Arkin) is the hard-nosed no-nonsense mentor and token ‘old guy’ in the film, he is a fun addition to this cast.

Post Malone plays Squeebe, one of Spenser’s enemies that he met during his time in prison. He does a good job and it was interesting to see him spread his wings as an actor.

Watch the trailer for the film below!

The movie is already on the Netflix Top 10 lists since its premiere, so you know it’s very popular. There’s also some talk about a sequel and, I hope they pursue that option.  I think there is room for growth of the characters that could be very interesting to viewers.

Stay tuned for more news about Spenser Confidential! 

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