On My Block season 4: Renewal status and release date

Now that On My Block season 3 is streaming on Netflix, can we expect more episodes? Has the series been renewed for season 4?

On My Block season 3 is now streaming on Netflix and fans were quick to binge-watch all the new episodes.

But even if you are taking your time with the latest season or saving it for the weekend, you’re likely still wondering if there’s more to come! Here’s what we know about the renewal status and release date for On My Block season 4.

Renewal status

When we last saw Monse, Cesar, Ruby and Jamal, they were kidnapped. Luckily, season 3 picks up right after, so we aren’t left hanging for another episode. The wait had been long enough! However, season 3 does it again with another cliffhanger. It’s become a “thing” for this show to end seasons on a cliffanger, and season 3’s cliffhanger doesn’t disappoint.

Does this new cliffhanger guarantee a season renewal?

Unfortunately, no. Netflix has not yet revealed if they plan on bringing On My Block back for a season 4, and a cliffhanger doesn’t secure its spot. There have been many cliffhangers before for other shows, and Netflix has ended up canceling them anyway. Not knowing what will happen at the moment, though, isn’t necessarily a bad sign.

Netflix tends to wait about a month after a new series or season premieres before announcing its renewal. Season 3 premiered March 11, 2020, so we should hear news about season 4 by early April. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Release Date

If the series is renewed, a premiere date isn’t tough to predict.

All seasons of On My Block have premiered in the month of March. Not only that, but each season has been released almost exactly a year apart since 2018.

That said, season 4 should premiere early to mid-March 2021. That’s about as early as we can expect to see the new season of the Netflix original series.

Would you like to see On My Block get another season?

The first three seasons of On My Block are streaming now on Netflix.