30 mind-blowing TV shows on Netflix

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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25. Russian doll

For a concept that takes a little digging and a lot more wonder, watch Russian Doll. I recommend you binge this series beginning on a Thursday, because Thursday — what a concept (you’ll understand this when you watch it)! This is one of the most groundbreaking TV series of all-time.

Russian Doll premiered in early 2019, yet it is still one of the most talked about shows on the streaming service. It follows Nadia (Natasha Lyonne), a woman celebrating her 36th birthday in New York City. Her best friend is throwing Nadia a huge party and we first meet Nadia as she leaves the bathroom ready for the celebrations to begin.

Unfortunately, Nadia dies shortly after stepping out of the house in a silly accident.  Almost as fast, we see Nadia again, leaving the bathroom and feeling confused. Her best friend greets her with, “sweet birthday baby!” which is what she heard last time. Is this a bad trip or just deja vu?

As it continues to happen, everyone begins to believe Nadia is going crazy, but she knows what’s happening and is determined to learn why and how to stop it. Why is she reliving her birthday? And are there others out there like her? Audiences join Nadia on this very trippy and mind-blowing journey.

Nadia grows a lot during the first season as the story develops, but the final episode still leaves us with plenty of questions that we hope season 2 can answer. Lucky for us, season 2 is set to premiere soon with the same amazing cast returning.