30 mind-blowing TV shows on Netflix

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13. Jessica Jones

Detective and all-around badass Jessica Jones took Netflix by storm for three seasons! Unfortunately, due to conflicts with Disney, Jessica Jones and all other Marvel-Netflix shows were canceled, and wow were they gone too soon! The reason why Jessica Jones made it on this list is because of how much it changed the game not only for the superhero genre but for women, as well.

The first season of Jessica Jones is groundbreaking. A list of its flaws is nonexistent because it doesn’t have any. But even after nitpicking and naming some flaws, it can all be forgiven due to its narrative and brilliant performance. The storytelling Jessica Jones season 1 one of the best and Krysten Ritter truly brings Jones to life in a way we weren’t expecting to love as much.

That said, I do need to admit that season 2 was sort of a bust. Fans wanted a better story and the characters deserved one. What season 2 also did wrong is break up one of the best bonds on TV by breaking up two beloved characters.

Season 3 did what it could to do damage control, but it was also forced to rush the story in order to give it a proper close since it was the final season. So, unfortunately, Jessica Jones had too much going against it and wasn’t able to duplicate the greatness from the first season.

Nevertheless, Jessica Jones is one of the best shows Netflix has to offer and you should definitely watch it! Let’s hope Jessica Jones has at least inspired more women-led projects on the big and small screen.