30 mind-blowing TV shows on Netflix

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You season 2
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17. You

You completely took over Netflix as soon as it premiered! Once audiences discovered the series, it was game over for all other shows. And the second season proved that the first chapter didn’t just get lucky. After season 2 premiered, Netflix reported that the season reached 54 million member households.

In case you have been living under a rock, allow me to break down what You is about. The series follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a bookstore keeper and hopeless romantic who falls for the first cute girl he sees. But instead of pursuing these women as a regular man would, Joe takes a different approach and stalks them. This is as creepy as it sounds, if not even more so.

Joe has all the right intentions, or so he believes, but his obsessions always get the best of him and the result is usually a bloody one. Audiences are immediately sucked into the narrative and it has become one of our biggest addictions.

Season 1 sets up who Joe is, but doesn’t hint much about his past. This is how the second season truly steps up, by taking us back to Joe’s childhood to attempt and explain why Joe is the way he is. But could there have been something more? Many are speculating that there were other reasons to show Joe’s mother in the flashbacks. We’ll have to wait and see!

Season 2 premiered a few months ago, and detaches itself from the books it is based on. Season 3 is going to be completely on its own and take fans on a new adventure as the season 2 finale leaves us with monumental questions and a new mystery. There’s also the fact that Joe is no longer alone, he now has a partner who loves him unconditionally. This is usually great news, but not when it comes to Mr. Goldberg. No spoilers here, though, you’ll have to watch the series and find out for yourself!