Netflix should create the Stranger Things Cinematic Universe

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

With the success of Stranger Things, it’s time for Netflix to create the Stranger Things Cinematic Universe and start working on prequels, sequels and spinoffs set in this world.

Stranger Things is the biggest show on Netflix and in the world right now. It’s well known that this series is nearing its end. We’ve heard for a few years that Stranger Things could end after its fourth or fifth season at Netflix.

And, that’s why it’s the perfect time for Netflix to create the Stranger Things Cinematic Universe.

Netflix struck gold with Stranger Things when it premiered on the streaming service in 2016. Since then, this has been a really wild ride. I don’t think anyone associated with Netflix or the show knew that the show was going to be this big. Now that it is, they might as well ride this wave and keep subscribers happy!

There’s so much room to expand this universe and open up the series with prequels, sequels, and spinoffs. And, it’d be a great opportunity for Netflix.

Prequels, Sequels and Spinoffs

I don’t think I’m alone in wondering what is going on around the world at the same time the Hawkins Heroes were:

  • saving Will
  • taking care of the Demogorgon
  • saving Will again, along with the whole town of Hawkins
  • stopping the Russians and the Mind Flayer
  • saving the world

I know Hawkins can’t be the only place in the world where scientists have opened a portal into another dimension, and we know there are more people out there with powers. In fact, we know this was happening in Russia around the same time period. Do they have their own version of the Hawkins Heroes? If so, I want to meet them!

There is so much potential to expand the world of Stranger Things beyond this series. I want to know what was happening before, during and after the events of this series around the world.


I think exploring what happened before Hopper, Eleven and the gang saved the day would be very interesting.

I can think of about 10 different prequel ideas I want to see, but mainly, I’d like to see how this all came to be. Why Hawkins? Why Dr. Brenner? What’s the origin of this project? There’s bound to be some rich story to mine there.


We’ve also been introduced to another person with powers, Kali, and we haven’t seen the character since the end of Stranger Things 2. I really enjoyed that storyline, although many fans didn’t. The creative minds involved should be able to explore the revenge narrative further. I’m here for a Kali spinoff, too!

There have to be tons of other people with powers in this world. What have they been doing while Eleven has been saving the world?

I have tons of other ideas for Stranger Things spinoffs. We have to see a series or movie set in Russia that focuses on what they have been doing before, during and after the events of this series. Is there another group in Russia trying to stop the government and military from doing experiments, trying to access an alternate dimension and more? There has to be!

Could there be other places in America where things like this are happening?

Stranger Things has also been introducing incredible supporting characters. Could we see a Murray Bauman spinoff? I also think they’ve found stars in Robin, Erica, and Suzie, and there’s potential for stories built around each character.

Jonathan and Nancy are basically this show’s version of Bughead. Although Jonathan lacks Jughead’s charisma, a show could be built around their relationship and solving mysteries!


We don’t know how Stranger Things is going to end, but assuming the world is saved, what does the fallout look like years into the future?

I’d love for Netflix to bring this world to life and fast forward several decades into the future. What does the world look like then? Could our heroes be brought back to Hawkins just like the Losers Club was brought back to Derry, Maine, in IT? 

That’s one story I really want to see!

I’d also be interested to see what happens with our current characters after they leave Hawkins and move on with their lives. I doubt Netflix would take this franchise in that direction, but it’s possible.

Business Opportunities

Stranger Things has so many partnerships and licensing deals with major brands. It makes so much sense for Netflix to keep expanding this world and continue with those partnerships into the future.

As mentioned, there are so many stories set in this world that the Duffer Brothers and other creators could tell. I’m sure that opens up many more doors for product placements and other partnerships in the future.

We don’t anticipate any of the sequels or spinoffs to live up to the hype of the original series, but there’s already a built-in fanbase now. Netflix should use that to its advantage as Stranger Things comes to an end in the next several years.

Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of Stranger Things, signed an exclusive deal with Netflix to create movies and shows for the streaming network. Since they’re going to be there anyway, it’s time to get started on more Stranger Things projects!

There are few properties that have the reach and story to be turned into a massive franchise. Stranger Things is one of those properties.

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