Grey’s Anatomy reveals what happened to Alex Karev, and fans are not happy

Grey’s Anatomy finally explained why Alex Karev left, and it’s both a tribute to what this show used to be and the most out of left field plot twist in TV history.

Look, I quit Grey’s Anatomy many heartbreaks ago. I keep up with it through social media and clips, but the obsession from the first years, the love I felt for Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Izzie and Derek will never be matched. And perhaps, it shouldn’t be.

I’ve been happy looking at it from the outside for many, many years.

Strangely enough, that makes me one of the people who should be happy about the way Grey’s Anatomy finally decided to write out Alex Karev: he left Jo, his wife, for Izzie, his ex-wife. And oh yes, they have kids! Perfectly happy family life.

Yes, you read that right. And I’d brainstormed about 150 different ways they could go about writing him out, but even I didn’t think they were gonna do this.

That’s coming from someone who shipped Alex and Izzie hard for many years, someone who was heartbroken when they wrote her out. This is a win for an OTP that was near and dear to me when I was still young enough to believe TV was actually about the payoff.

I should be happy, shouldn’t I? Except I’m not. All I am is bitter.

Maybe I’ll get there. Maybe after a few days of rage, I’ll be able to look back at the good. But I’m not holding my breath.

I still have yet to forgive the show for George, or writing out Izzie in the first place, not to mention Mark and Lexie, and oh yes, Derek. And you can say that in some of those cases the actors wanted to leave, and you’d be right.

But that doesn’t mean they had to be written out the way they were. No, that’s just Grey’s Anatomy placing shock over the characters they have made us care for, à la Game of Thrones.

So hey, this might make some fans happy. I’m sure there are people rejoicing over Alex and Izzie being endgame. I hope those people get to enjoy the closest thing to a happy ending you can get in Shondaland. Because I’m not, and I’m not sure I can again.

I know what it feels like to be those Jo/Alex fans who are feeling rage right now because they finally got everything they wanted, only for it to be ripped away without warning or explanation.

I know what it feels like to be those Alex Karev fans who’d been proud of the man he’d become, of the husband and friend and person he was now, only to see the show throw all that away for the sake of buzz.

I know what it feels like for this show to rip your heart out, again and again and again. And I cannot celebrate it doing it again.

So I guess this is it. The point where I should finally say our proper goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy. Even if it stays on the air, it’s time to cut ties forever. A show that doesn’t respect its audience doesn’t deserve an audience, and what Grey Anatomy wants is attention. I’m going to stop giving it.