Grey’s Anatomy season 16: 5 best moments from Snowblind

A blizzard hits Grey’s Anatomy destroying more than the city in its wake.

Grey’s Anatomy has pretty much dismantled all the major relationships of the series. Alex seems to have up and left Jo without any explanation (maybe the reason will be revealed in Justin Chambers’ farewell episode), Link and Amelia are over, and Teddy just hooked up with Koracick, potentially ending her and Owen’s relationship. Does anyone on this show know how to communicate?

I have been struggling to figure out what the heck this series is doing as end the near of the 16th season. Everything has fallen apart narrative-wise, and now we have to deal with saying goodbye to Alex Karev. Is Justin Chambers even going to be in the farewell episode? I’m pretty sure they announced that his last episode has already aired.

How do you do a farewell episode for a character that doesn’t even have him in it? I know, I should patiently wait for the next episode, but still, this is all rather frustrating! I really hope things take a turn for the better.

With all this said, Grey’s Anatomy covered a lot of ground with “Snowblind”, so without further ado, let’s talk about the episode’s best 5 moments.

DeLuca dives off the deep end

DeLuca has been gradually getting worse with time. Meredith and Corrine are extremely worried about his state of mind and are concerned that he may be suffering from what his father did. DeLuca is in complete denial over this and as a result, this has led him to make some rash decisions.

In “Snowblind”, DeLuca walks three miles in the dangerous blizzard to obtain a liver for one of their patients. I commend him for the effort, but it came at the price of his limbs nearly falling off. He returns with the liver successfully, but frostbite has nearly destroyed his hands. DeLuca realizes that he needs his hands for his job, right?

Beanie Feldstein guest stars!

I love Beanie Feldstein, and she had quite the thrilling guest role in Grey’s Anatomy last week. We’re led to believe her character, Tess, is one of the new interns that was brought over from the latest merger with Pac-North.

Even Richard is fooled because of Tess’ extensive knowledge about medicine, so he tells her to scrub in on a surgery, and tells Helm she’s out. All the while, Schmidt is running around the hospital looking for a patient he lost.

It doesn’t take very long to put two and two together. The patient Schmidt is looking for is Tess. And just as she is about to cut into the patient, Schmidt finds her and stops the surgery. I thought this arc was going in a different direction in which we would learn Tess was mentally unstable.

Instead, it turns out Tess has dealt with multiple cancers in her life, and always come back from them. But because of it, she had to drop out of medical school, and then never went back. Hence, why she knows so much about medicine.

Good thing she came across Richard, because she just found herself the best mentor Grey’s Anatomy has to offer.

Teddy’s confusing down spiral

I don’t blame Teddy for her paranoia. I think it’s something she’ll always have to live with when it comes to Owen and Amelia, but in this case, it was not exactly what she thought. It didn’t help that Maggie alluded to something, but didn’t try to clarify that Owen was in the dark about it. If she had let Teddy know, then maybe Teddy wouldn’t have gone and hooked up with Koracick out of revenge and anger.

Owen has no idea that Amelia’s future child may be his, and it sucks that once again, he’s inches away from happiness and it’s snatched from him. I swear, this guy never catches a break.

Bailey as the foster mother

Grey’s Anatomy has been hinting at Bailey potentially adopting her patient, Joey. She’s definitely shared a strong connection with him, and it was only a matter of time before she brought him home. Of course, she didn’t ask Ben if that would be okay, but I think after everything they’ve been through, he’ll come around to it.

I’m happy to see Bailey finding happiness in this because she’s been through a lot with her health and then losing the baby. I think she deserves to find happiness in helping someone else that needs her.

Alex was never in Iowa?

Okay, I’m so over this Alex Karev disappearing story. How the heck are they going to let a character leave like that with zero explanation? I mean, sure, the farewell episode airs tonight, but still. Chambers has been a part of Grey’s Anatomy from the start, it just seems so odd to let Karev just disappear.

Not to mention, over the course of 16 seasons, Karev is someone who has had the most character development. We loved who he became, and now, he’s gone. Sigh. I really hope this week’s episode gives him an ending he deserves.

The fact that he never went to Iowa and just disappeared and left Jo is not good enough. Is he with Izzie or something? Ugh, please do not let us down, Grey’s Anatomy.

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