Lucifer season 6: Tom Ellis signs deal to return if Netflix renews the series

Lucifer season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
Lucifer season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

Tom Ellis has signed a new deal to return for Lucifer season 6! Now, we have to wait until Netflix announces the season 6 renewal.

It sure looks like Lucifer is coming back for season 6 at Netflix!

According to a report from TV Line, Tom Ellis, who stars as Lucifer Morningstar in the now-Netflix original series, has finalized a deal to return for season 6 if Netflix renews Lucifer for another season.

Originally, Lucifer was going to end after season 5 at Netflix. Now, it’s looking more and more likely that Lucifer will be renewed for a sixth season. Recently, showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson also agreed to return for the sixth season should Netflix order it.

This is obviously incredible news for Lucifer fans! If it happens, this show will, basically, have been revived twice. First, Fox canceled the series after three seasons. Then, Netflix picked it up for the fourth season, and then after the fourth season aired, Netflix renewed the series for a fifth and final season. Well, not anymore!

According to the TV Line report, it looks like all the other major stars of the series already have deals that run through the sixth season, so they will not be renegotiating those deals. Bringing Ellis back for season 6 was the last major hurdle for Netflix to renew this show for a sixth season.

That means, in the next few days, we could be learning Lucifer has been renewed for a sixth season!  We’ll be sure to share the news as soon as we find out. At this point, though, it really seems inevitable.

We still don’t know when Lucifer season 5 will be added to Netflix. It’s expected that the release date will be announced soon.

I’d guess that we’ll see season 5 in May 2020, which is about one year since we saw the fourth season premiere on Netflix. The fifth season, unlike season 4, is actually split into two parts. Each part will consist of eight episodes, so there are 16 episodes in the fifth season.

TV Line previously reported a possible sixth season at Netflix would likely consist of 10 or 13 episodes.

If the series is coming back for season 6, anything is possible. I know fans out there are already hoping for that season 7 renewal!

Stay tuned for more season 5 and season 6 news! As mentioned, if the Netflix show is coming back for season 6, we’ll probably find out in the near future.

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