5 new movies to watch on Hulu in March 2020

Little Fires Everywhere is coming to Hulu in March, but you don’t always have time for a series. Here are five great movies to check out on Hulu this month.

Hulu has a lot of excellent TV shows coming in March 2020. Little Fires EverywhereDevs (through FX on Hulu) and Hillary are just three to name. But sometimes, you just don’t have the time to watch a TV series. And you’re not necessarily interested in getting invested in a new TV show. That’s why you’re looking for movies to watch on Hulu in March 2020.

There are some excellent new additions throughout the month. The majority of them kick off the month today, but you can always hold back and space out your viewing each weekend. Here are five new movies on Hulu to watch this month.

5. The Descent

If you’re interested in horror, one of the greatest additions this month is The Descent. It focuses on a group of women who meet up once a year to do something thrilling. It’s the first year after Sarah’s husband and child were killed in a car crash and she’s still trying to find a new normal. That’s not going to happen when the group of women are trapped in a cave with mutated cannibals. Will they get out alive?

4. Up in the Air

If horror isn’t your thing, you’ll likely want a comedy. Up in the Air does have some serious moments, but for the most part, it’s a comedy. George Clooney and Anna Kendrick star as two polar opposites. Kendrick’s Natalie is trying to push a company into the 21st century but Clooney’s Ryan doesn’t want to stop traveling. He brings Natalie on a selection of trips to see what his job is really like and why it requires human interaction.

3. Free Willy

Every child in the 90s grew up watching Free Willy. It was one of the greatest movies to hit theaters, and now you’ll get the chance to relive the experience. Hulu isn’t just bringing one of the movies but all three Free Willy movies. As the title would suggest, it’s about an attempt to free Willy from his captors. Willy is a Killer Whale that street kid Jesse befriends and will do anything to keep him safe.

2. Good Will Hunting

When you need a heartfelt movie, Hulu will have your back in March with Good Will Hunting. Starring Matt Damon and the late great Robin Williams, the movie is about a math genius, able to solve all the great mathematical problems in the world. However, he can’t solve his own mental health problems, so turns to Dr. Sean Maguireto for psychiatric help.

1. Pet Sematary

The only movie on this list not dropping on Mar. 1 is Pet Sematary, but it is going to be worth the watch. It’s a reboot of the 80s movie based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. There is a big twist to the story, which allowed the writers to tell a bigger story about death and what it means. Even if you’re not into horror, this is a movie to watch at least once.

What are you watching on Hulu in March 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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