Lucifer season 6 looks promising as talks continue

Lucifer -- Photo credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Lucifer -- Photo credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Lucifer season 6 is looking promising at Netflix! According to insider Michael Ausiello, Netflix and Warner Bros. TV are “optimistic” that Lucifer season 6 will happen.

Lucifer season 6 is still possible! According to a new report from Michael Ausiello of TV Line, Netflix and Warner Bros. TV are still negotiating a deal to bring the hit series back for a sixth season.

At the time of publishing, production on Lucifer season 5 is still happening.

According to the report, Ausiello confirmed that the discussions are positive and each side expects Lucifer season 6 to happen.

UPDATE: Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have signed on for season 6

It’s been a minute since TV Line reported that Lucifer season 6 was possible. Netflix and Warner Bros. TV started talking about a season 6 renewal recently, and that was very shocking for basically everyone, I think.

Netflix had decided to give the show a final season after season 4 premiered last spring. Hopefully, with these discussions happening, Lucifer will be renewed for a sixth season at Netflix.

It’s unclear why these talks are taking so long. My guess is that there are so many details to be worked out, including the story, episode count, budget, cast, and so much more that goes into making these super popular TV shows.

According to the TV Line report, it looks like a sixth season would be either consist of 10 or 13 episodes. The fourth season consisted of 10 episodes, while the fifth season will be 16 episodes. Although, it should be noted that Netflix is going to release season 5 in two, eight-episode parts.

Some might be worried that Lucifer hasn’t been renewed for season 6 yet, but these things take a long time. If Ausiello is reporting that each side is optimistic a deal can be made, then that’s a really good sign at this point in time.

If the door is open for season 6, who is to say how many more seasons of the show there will be? This could be the beginning of the dream for Lucifer fans! Renewing Lucifer for season 6 would be a great idea!

I’m so excited that this is happening. It’s not business as usual for a big network like Netflix to realize they made a premature decision on the future of a series and then change it. We know this show is one of the most popular on Netflix, and it only makes sense to keep this show going as long as there’s more to the story, the fans want more episodes, and the creative team and cast want to make more episodes.

We’ll be sure to let you know more about Lucifer season 6 when we find out! We’re expecting Netflix to share more information about the season 5 release date in the near future, as well.

Stay tuned for more news about the Netflix original series!

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