I Am Not Okay With This season 2: What happens next

I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS - Credit: Netflix
I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS - Credit: Netflix /

What’s going to happen in I Am Not Okay With This season 2? After Sydney’s outburst, things will never be the same. Spoilers ahead for season 1!

I Am Not Okay With This is the latest Netflix sensation! The Netflix original series premiered on the streaming service on Wednesday, Feb. 26, and it looks like it’s well on its way to becoming the next big hit for the network.

At the time of publishing, I Am Not Okay With This has not been renewed for season 2 yet. But, hold on to your heads! This series is most definitely getting renewed for a second season at Netflix. That’s a pretty sure bet considering the talent involved with this series, 21 Laps Entertainment, which is the same company that produces Stranger Things, and Netflix’s investment in shows like this.

That’s out of the way, so let’s get to that mind-blowing season finale!

I Am Not Okay With This is basically what I consider a perfect TV show. There are so few flaws, and the creators are not afraid to tell the story they want to tell. And, that’s awesome and very refreshing.

The Explosion

The finale ends with a bang, literally. After the worst character, Brad, steals Sydney’s diary and reveals that she is in love with Dina (Sofia Bryant) at the Homecoming dance, Sydney (Sophia Lillis) loses control and makes his head explode. There’s blood everywhere! It’s wild!

We knew the whole season was building to this moment. We see Sydney covered in blood and running down the street in the first episode. After seeing why she is in this situation, it’s more bonkers than I could have imagined.

The Mysterious Man

Finally, Sydney makes it to the weird lookout thing, and things get even wilder. The Invisible Man, or whatever it is, makes contact with Sydney.

Who is this person? What do they want? What does it all mean for Sydney?

I think we know this person is the same person who was following her father. We heard Sydney’s mom talk about how her dad always thought someone was following him. Well, I think we just met that person.

Clearly, this person, or monster, wants to use Sydney’s powers for some reason, and that’s why he says “They should be afraid,” when Sydney asks if she should be afraid.

We’ve seen how powerful she actually is, and she could do some serious damage. She could be a great supervillain if she wanted to be. She has that anger inside of her that we often see associated with villains in superhero movies.

The season ends with this person saying, “Let’s begin.” Obviously, it appears this mysterious figure wants to teach Sydney something. Most likely, I think she’ll learn how to harness her powers.

The Fallout

Moving forward, I have no idea what it means. First, Sydney, likely, has some explaining to do. Stanley (Wyatt Oleff) won’t care what she did to Brad. He knows Brad was about to spoil her secret and simultaneously ruin her life, and that’s why he picked up the diary and chose to protect her.

Eventually, Dina will put the pieces together, if she hasn’t already, that Sydney can do things with her mind. What will that mean for their relationship after what Sydney did to Brad? We know Dina wasn’t a huge fan of Brad after the whole cheating thing, but I can imagine she wasn’t cool with him being murdered.

Where does Sydney go next?

That’s the big question. Does Sydney try to go back to her life as if nothing happened? I think she has to. If she goes on the run, then everyone will suspect her. Then again, they might already suspect she did something.

Has anyone else seen her use her powers? She wasn’t exactly careful about it before.

I’m assuming she’ll start working with this mysterious character to control her powers, but I don’t think she’s going to just leave her life behind yet. We can’t lose these great characters, like Stanley, Goob, and Dina. We need them in the show in the future, and they won’t be if Sydney goes on the run.

In I Am Not Okay With This season 2, expect to see Sydney dealing with the consequences of her actions, working with this mysterious figure, and getting into some more shenanigans with Stan. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway!

Stay tuned for more news about I Am Not Okay With This season 2! We’ll let you know as soon as this show is renewed for season 2.

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