All the Bright Places is coming to Netflix tonight

ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES (2020) - Credit: Michele K. Short/NETFLIX
ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES (2020) - Credit: Michele K. Short/NETFLIX /

All the Bright Places starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith premieres on Netflix on Friday, February. 28, 2020. Will you be watching the romantic drama?

Netflix has been wowing viewers with great new original movies lately, and there’s another on the way. All the Bright Places starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith is coming to Netflix on Friday, Feb. 28.

The film will be added to Netflix at 12:01 PT Friday, Feb. 28, 2020. Unless you are in Arizona like me, then it will be 1:01 am MT, and if you are on the east coast, then it will be 3:01 am ET.

The movie is adapted from Jennifer Niven’s novel of the same name that was published in 2015. All the Bright Places tells the story of two teens, Violet (Elle Fanning) and Theodore (Justice Smith). Both teens are dealing with personal issues. Violet is still struggling with the death of her sister while Theodore is dealing with bipolar disorder.

They meet up one day at a bell tower where they both were planning to jump. Instead, they wind up becoming close as they help each other to deal with their issues. Violet comes to terms with her sister’s death, and Theodore is less depressed.

Violet and Theodore’s friendship evolves into a budding romance during a school project, which involves learning about their home state of Indiana. Their relationship brings its own set of issues, including disapproving parents.

Popsugar describes the movie as a “weepy teen” movie, so be sure to have the kleenex nearby when you watch it.

Take a look at the official trailer below!

The movie deals with dark themes. Even with the movie’s heavy topics, it is also a movie about love and hope and finding joy in the smallest and simplest things of life.

Will you be staying up late to watch All the Bright Places?

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