I Am Not Okay With This is coming to Netflix tonight

I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS - Credit: Netflix
I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS - Credit: Netflix /

Are you ready for another great Netflix Original Series? I Am Not Okay With This starring Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff premiers on Netflix tonight!

That’s right Netflix fans, a new original series is set to hit the streaming service tonight. I Am Not Okay With This will be available tonight, and we have all of the information you need about this much-anticipated new series!

I Am Not Okay With This will premiere on Netflix at 12:01 PT on Feb. 26, 2020. So for all of you East Coasters, like myself, it will be available at 3:01 AM.

The new series from the producers that brought you Stranger Things and the director of The End of the F***ing World, will feature a lot of familiar faces.

Johnathan Entwistle is the co-creator, director and executive producer of the new Netflix series. Christy Hall is co-creator, writer and executive producer as well.

I Am Not Okay With This really focuses on two major characters, Sydney, who is played by Sophia Lillis, and Stanley, who is played by Wyatt Oleff. Both Sophia and Wyatt are known for their roles in the IT movies, which first hit theaters back in 2017.

Netflix’s description of the show explains it as an:

"“irreverent origin story that follows a teenage girl, Sydney, who is navigating the trials and tribulations of high school, all while dealing with the complexities of her family, her budding sexuality, and mysterious superpowers just beginning to awaken deep within her.”"

We finally got a look at more details of the series when Netflix released the official trailer last week.

Watch the trailer below!

As we mentioned, the show will feature many familiar faces, but not only on camera.

Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen and Josh Barry are listed as other executive producers on the new series as well. Levy and Cohen are highly known for their production on Stranger Things.

The much-anticipated new series is expected to be one of the best shows released so far this year. Netflix has kicked off 2020 with a bang! I was so impressed with Locke and Key and I expect to get the same vibes and feelings from I Am Not okay With This as far as being a great new series for Netflix to build on.

The show has a lot to be excited about but I am particularly excited about one aspect and that is the small connection between this new series and Stranger Things. Based on the trailer, we know that Sydney can do things with her mind which reminds me of Eleven.

Shawn Levy and his team will be executive producers on the series, so that’s a huge plus in itself. I’m most looking forward to seeing exactly what Sydney’s powers are going to be in full, how she uses them and how will she navigate through finding out about her life-changing discovery.

Will you be staying up late to watch I Am Not Okay With This? Let us know in the comments below!

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