Love is Blind on Netflix: Fans want a Lauren and Cameron spinoff

LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix
LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix /

Everyone is talking about Netflix’s new reality dating TV series Love is Blind. From all the couples, the clear favorite is Lauren and Cameron! Fans love them so much, they want a spinoff!

Love is Blind is Netflix’s latest trash TV goldmine! There’s so much to talk about and debate. From Jessica and her dog, a mess we can’t look away from, to Lauren and Cameron, a princess and prince out of a true love story! No, we’re not being dramatic, Lauren and Cameron are true love goals! Fans are so in love with their story, they’re suggesting Netflix produce a spinoff featuring the happy couple. Of course, they would have to be married, first.

Lauren and Cameron have not tied the knot just yet! But we are all pretty confident that they will. They bonded rather quickly, share the same ambitions, are focused on their careers, and would love to start a family. Cameron is all in and has the house to prove it, Lauren has minor doubts after her father appeared skeptical, but it’s nothing fans should worry about.

The season finale drops on Netflix Thursday, Feb. 27, and if Lauren and Cameron both say “I do,” Netflix could have found its new hit series in a reality show focused on the newlyweds!

Think about it, this worked for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (the latter which coincidentally serves as one of the hosts for Love is Blind). Simpson and Lachey are arguably the first couple to put reality TV on the map! The two were America’s sweetheart couple in Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. 

Following the success of Love is Blind, Netflix should roll the dice on Lauren and Cameron Take the World. Okay, we’ll leave the show title to the experts, but you get the idea.

The fact that Lauren and Cameron are an interracial couple is another great reason for them to deserve a spinoff. Interracial couples face issues not everyone is familiar with, bringing awareness (and love) would be amazing. Would you watch a spinoff series that follows newlyweds Lauren and Cameron, assuming they say “I do”?

Love is Blind is streaming on Netflix.

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