Gentefied is a must-watch on Netflix

GENTEFIELD - Credit: Kevin Estrada/NETFLIX
GENTEFIELD - Credit: Kevin Estrada/NETFLIX /

Gentefied starring Karrie Martin, Joseph Julian Soria, Carlos Santos, and Joaquín Cosio is a must-watch on Netflix.

The wait is finally over; Gentefied is now streaming on Netflix! If you are anything like me, you have been waiting for Gentefied to drop since the moment Julissa Calderon of Buzzfeed mentioned the show on her Instagram!

I knew from the beginning that the day the Netflix original series premiered, I would be taking half the day to indulge.

Gentefied‘s first episode opening shots show our three main characters in their elements. One is riding a bike on his way dropping off bikes at a local public library where he can’t seem to find a copy of a certain book. Another is a line chef walking into a fancy restaurant kitchen being told in Spanish what to prepare. He is teased for not completely understanding. And lastly, our beautiful local artist is painting in bed with her girlfriend, but the moment of bliss is interrupted by her mother.

We follow each person, Chris, Erik, and Ana, as they try to live the life they want without taking other’s opinions into consideration.

Gentefied has political overtones that pop up every once in a while, and the show deals with very important issues people have on a daily basis. Keeping traditions alive is hard when outsiders are buying land and buildings to change the community.

Seeing family dynamics that hit close to home is also refreshing. How many of us don’t have a cousin or two that feel like siblings more than anything else? And, in Pop, Gentefied has a patriarch stand-in and father figure to first-gen Millenials trying to figure things out. Pop even bares his drunk soul and gets arrested all in one day. It is so nice to see elders make mistakes and be irresponsible. Personally, I don’t think we get enough of it in TV!

As the season continues, the family will have to band together just to fight off gentrification sweeping their neighborhood. It’s a hard road up ahead.

I want a happy ending, but there will be tears along the way.

At this point, I’m rooting for everyone. I want Ana to be “discovered” in the best way an artist can. I’d like to see Pop and Erik to be able to keep the restaurant running and able to pay their bills.  I also want to see Chris become a great chef without having to sell out his heritage in the process.

For this particular show, I advise you to keep Postmates nearby for quick orders that are inspired by what you see in the series. You’ll find me on the couch watching Jalissa kill it and wishing my local shop delivered.

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