Outlander season 5: 3 storylines introduced in the premiere

Outlander Season 5 Key Art and Marketing Shoot - Sep 17-21 2019
Outlander Season 5 Key Art and Marketing Shoot - Sep 17-21 2019 /
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Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ — Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ — Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

The season 5 premiere of Outlander truly delivered, while setting up the main storylines for the season. Here are three of the main storylines introduced in the “Fiery Cross.”

Outlander fans were in for a surprise on Valentine’s Day when Starz released the first episode of season 5 two days early (I kind of guessed it!), which is definitely what all us Sassenachs deserved after that very long Droughtlander! But now it’s over and once again everything is right with the world.

Well, not quite. At least for our favorite characters. The “Fiery Cross” is honestly one of my favorite Outlander season premiere episodes because it felt like it had a good balance of everything: romance, heartwarming family moments with Brianna and Claire and Brianna and Jamie, the feeling of a happy community with everyone from Fraser’s Ridge at Brianna and Roger’s wedding  and the Gathering and of course setting up the main storylines of the season.

In true Outlander fashion, the happy moments don’t last long. Here are three main storylines introduced in Outlander‘s season 5 premiere:

Jamie and Murtagh

We start and end the episode with Jamie and Murtagh and the vow he made to our favorite red-headed Scot. The last scene still makes me cry every time I rewatch it, which has been way too many times at this point!

When I first started watching Outlander, I’d never read any of the books, and I’ve only read the first one so far. I do know Murtagh died at Culloden in the books, and some people would have preferred not to change that in the show. Of course, I don’t blame anyone for feeling this way, but I do think Murtagh’s involvement will add an extra layer to Jamie’s struggle this season.

We know from last season that the Regulators have been a trouble to Governor Tryon and we ended season 4 with the governor calling upon Jamie to hunt down Murtagh in exchange for the land where he’s now settled.

In this first episode, Tryon shows up at the wedding and manages to hold himself back from saying anything, but the next day he definitely gets to the point and tells Jamie how frustrated he is that there’s been no progress with finding Murtagh yet. Murtagh has been in hiding, but now Jamie knows that he needs to send his godfather far away.

It’s clear that Jamie being torn between his love for Murtagh and the oath he made to the crown is going to be one of Jamie’s main storylines this year, and we also know this from the many press interviews the cast has done recently. As I said, I haven’t read the books, but I know in book 5, Jamie is tasked with forming a militia to put down the beginnings of the rebellion in North Carolina.

I think by having Murtagh be the leader of the Regulators, which will begin that rebellion, it’s so much more interesting to see Jamie having to do the job because there is that tension and fear. Will Murtagh be caught? And it just tugs at our heartstrings to see these two have to be separated, again.

Sometimes writers on a show will bring back a character, but it just feels pointless because they’re in the background and don’t contribute anything to the story. But the writers of Outlander have done this in a smart way by keeping true to the character where it’s believable that he would be a Regulator, while making him an integral part of the story going forward. I’m really excited to see where this goes because for the first time, Jamie and Murtagh are fighting on opposite sides.

I think what’s also such a struggle for Jamie when it comes to Governor Tryon is that before, Jamie and Claire had to only worry about themselves. But now, Jamie has to worry about his daughter and her family, his extended family and all of the settlers on Frasers Ridge that could be displaced because a stuck up governor doesn’t get what he wants. We all know Jamie Fraser is the King of Men so he always thinks of others before himself.

Based on the promo for the second episode, which is appropriately called “Between Two Fires,” we’re going to pick up this storyline right away as Jamie and Lieutenant Knox (who Governor Tryon tasked with staying behind to aid Jamie) start their search for Murtagh.