Locke and Key season 1: Explaining the ending

Made it to the end of Locke and Key season 1 and not quite figured it all out? Here’s that twisted ending explained in full to get ready for season 2.

Naturally, there are spoilers in this post for the ending to Locke and Key season 1.

What an ending! If you thought Locke and Key was going to wrap up with everything in a neat bow at first, you will be forgiven. Even after reading the comics, I wondered if the show was going to wrap everything up and keep it as a limited series. And then that twisty ending happened.

At the very end, we learned that the Keeper of the Keys hadn’t locked the demon away after all. It’s understandable that it was a little hard to follow at first. We were told the ending through flashbacks as we focused on Gabe cycling to the diner to meet up with Eden.

How Dodge escaped

Dodge got out of, well, dodge! As Lucas, she put on the crown to control the shadows, and then she used the transformation key to make Ellie look like her. Knocking her out, Dodge was then able to get Ellie at the Locke house. As the fight went down with the shadows, Dodge put Ellie’s body in prime position and then left.

The Locke siblings believed that Ellie was Dodge. Many viewers would have thought the same too. It wasn’t until Ellie/Dodge grabbed at Tyler that it looked like there was definitely something up. As Ellie/Dodge woke up, she realized what was going to happen and tried to prevent it.

With the door shut and Ellie trapped, Dodge is now free to roam the Earth.

But we can’t forget that Dodge was there for it all. She had used the transformation key to look like Gabe again.

Why Gabe met up with Eden

We didn’t just get to find out that Dodge had managed to escape and was Gabe. The end of Locke and Key season 1 also revealed that Eden had been hit by a golden bullet shot from behind the door to the prison. This was similar to the golden bullet that had hit Lucas, which was a demon possessing him.

Now, Eden is possessed by a demon, one that Dodge clearly knows. Dodge, as Gabe, turned up at the diner to find Eden eating everything in sight. Naturally, after spending so long in a magical prison, you’re going to end up hungry!

So, just in case you’re still confused, Gabe, Lucas, and Dodge were all the same person—the demon that had come out of the prison the first time. Now, Eden is possessed by another demo.

Locke and Key season 2 certainly has some problems to take care of. Instead of having no demons, there are now two demons out there and both are connected to the Locke siblings. Both are trusted with some of the keys, which means the Locke siblings will end up going through all this again.

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